2 Months Later

It’s currently 4:30am in Hong Kong and I haven’t had any sleep yet. Staying up through the night and sleeping during the afternoon is quickly becoming the norm for me. My body must think it’s in Toronto already.

Two months have gone by so I’ve got a bit of catching up to do. As far as the renovation goes, I think we are finally 98% complete. It has taken a long time to get here from 95% because our contractor has been so swamped with projects that he has to personally come do the work himself when he can squeeze out the time. Some days he comes in for 3-5 hours, while on other days we sit around waiting for him and he shows up an hour before the work day is over. Progress is very slow and frustrating. It was only about 2 weeks ago that we were finally able to do a thorough clean up of the entire apartment and, for the first time since moving in, we were able to walk on the floor with our bare feet. I haven’t had the chance to take proper photos of the apartment yet, but here’s one of our small living room taken from the dining room. As you can see, I struggled with the lighting. I’ll try to take more photos soon.


Besides dealing with the renovation, cleaning the apartment and cooking dinner with Eric when he’s home, life in HK has been pretty mellow. Writing is always on my mind, but finding the time to do it has been difficult. My sleep schedule often changes depending on where Eric is flying to; he’s had a lot of flights to the U.S. over the past couple months. With the time difference between 12 and 15 hours, I end up having to adjust my sleep to accommodate the times when Eric is out on the other side of the world shopping for things we need. That’s how he manages to bring me along to discuss and pick things out together. I find myself feeling jet lagged a lot even without physically going anywhere.

Perhaps the most exciting thing we’ve done was going away for my birthday. We took a much needed break from renovations and escaped to Koh Samui, Thailand. The weather was great the first three days we were there, but it was cloudy with scattered rain showers during our last two days. Nonetheless, we enjoyed our time away.


Our arrival at Samui airport was interesting. With only one runway, the plane did a U-turn after it landed and used the same runway to taxi closer to the terminal. The airport itself is open-air, mainly made up of what looks like multiple huts. It was the first time experiencing an open-air airport for the both of us.

Our 4-night stay at the Banyan Tree Samui was fantastic. They actually upgraded us because of my birthday! We ended up with a room that was quite far up, but we had a decent unobstructed view and our villa was away from neighbours so having the privacy was nice. The property also had amazing views and a variety of activities that we didn’t even get around to taking advantage of.

Our favourite thing about the Banyan Tree had to be the breakfast buffet. Both Eric and I have stayed at a lot of hotels during our travels; we both felt the breakfast buffet at the Banyan Tree was by far the best we’ve ever had. It had everything you could think of: a variety of made-to-order eggs, sausages & bacon, a selection of breads and pastries, salad bar, variety of cold cuts, freshly made yogurts, oatmeal with a dozen toppings to choose from, congee & dim sum selection, sushi, make-your-own noodle bar, not to mention at least 20 different hot dishes to choose from. There was also a selection of tropical fruits, ice creams and sorbets, as well as a variety of fresh juices and specialty drinks. More importantly, everything was well prepared. It’s rare to have such wide variety without sacrificing quality. We were definitely impressed.


On the day of my birthday, we relaxed at Luxsa Spa for a 2.5-hour spa session. Our package included a foot bath, a herbal steam, a romantic floral milk bath, followed by a 90-minute massage. The whole spa experience from beginning to end was beyond my expectation. I don’t normally fall asleep during massages, but my massage at Luxsa was so relaxing that I found myself actually dozing off!

After the spa (and an exciting drive down a busy, narrow one lane one-way road going the wrong direction), we went for dinner at Orgasmic. The food was so good there’s no question why the restaurant was named Orgasmic. I’ll do a more thorough review in a later post where I will share more photos and stories from our trip.

Speaking of food, we’ve been doing a lot more cooking at home now that we have a working kitchen. A lot of our meals work around the foods that Eric picks up in different cities (i.e. baked clams from Boston, as shown in the picture).


Some more of our cooking ventures in photos, below:

1) Roasted spring chicken
2) Chicken wings
3) Clams and lobster bisque (bought at James Hook & Co. in Boston)
4) Baked chicken tenders
5) Vietnamese rice paper rolls (rice paper from Toronto)
6) Baked lobster & brie dip with spinach, baked chicken, caesar salad, baguette (frozen from Boston)
7) Fajita night with baked chicken and steak (tortilla and avocados from LA)
8) Pastrami sandwich (frozen pastrami from Katz’s Delicatessen in NYC)

It’s a wrap for this post. I’m going to try and get some sleep. Good morning, Hong Kong! Good night, Toronto!


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