a little late with this post

Is anyone else suffocating from this heat? This past weekend was my last full weekend free from work, and instead of enjoying it the way I would’ve wanted to, I spent it in bed fighting headaches. Blame it on this hot weather. It’s putting me into a groggy mood and I don’t like it! >p

Friday was good though. Despite a hectic day at work and an unexpected run-in that I’m not going to talk about here, I had a good time just hanging out with some friends later in the day. Met up with my homie Danny for dinner in Chinatown – bbq pork rice AND veggies (can’t forget’em veggies lol). The original plan for after dinner was to find a bar so we could catch the Celts vs. Magic game until it was time to head over to College Street Bar. We came across a Tea Shop 168 on the way to the car and it happened to have the game on, so we ended up dropping in there for bbtea instead. I watched my boys get slaughtered by the Celts that night, while Danny was happy that his men played a good game.

After the game, we drove up to College Street Bar. The entire area was packed with people and it took us literally 40 minutes to find a parking spot. Unfortunately, due to the difficulty in parking, Robin and Adrienne were unable to join us. I would’ve really liked to have seen them (‘cos I haven’t seen them in over 3 months!), but I had a good time nonetheless. Met Danny’s friend, Jackie, who is really fun. Along with Danny & Victor, we just spent the night dancing to some good tunes (courtesy of DJ Bank$). He’s spinning again on Friday, June 11th @ College Street Bar. Who’s down?

On the topic of music, I just wanted to share this video. You may or may not have heard of David Choi, but regardless I think this is a wonderful song of his and WongFu did a wonderful job with the video. Enjoy!

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we’ve got some catching up to do

Surprise! I’m back! I know it seemed like I fell off the face of the earth, but sorry to disappoint you…I’m still here :) The past few months saw many ups and even more downs. I just needed some time to piece myself back together and be on the right track. Feeling better than ever now; mentally, physically, and emotionally. My return should see me writing more consistently from now on. I’m hoping to blog at least a couple times a week. *Must get myself back into writing mode.

I know we’ve got a lot of catching up to do and putting it all into words would have you here for the next week or two. So instead, I’ll just focus on the highlights and let the pictures do half the talking. We’ll start with January…

[ Saturday, January 9, 2010 ]

Danny invited Adrienne, Robin and I to College Street Bar where his friend was spinning. His friend goes by the alias DJ Bank$ and plays a good mixture of old school and nu skool hip hop, R&B, house, and dance beats. I totally loved his stuff! I loved his choice of music and particularly liked his smooth transitions between songs. Anyone need a wedding DJ? heheh Y’all should check out DJ Bank$.

[ Friday, January 29, 2010 ]

The end of January saw the start of one my favourite times of the year: Winterlicious! First on the roster was Jump Café and Bar, one of my all-time fave restaurants. Adrienne and I both tried capon there for the first time and it was surprisingly very tender and delicious.

After our first Winterlicious date, Adrienne and I took a walk and ended up at Sheraton Hotel. It was there that we made an amazing discovery of a brilliant invention. As we were exiting the restroom at the hotel, I noticed this fixture on the wall right next to the door. A second glance confirmed it was indeed what I thought it was: a tissue dispenser with a waste basket beneath it. Apparently they’re called a “SAFE-T-GARD”. For people like me, who despise having to touch the door handle when leaving a public restroom, this is a great solution! +1 for thinking of the customers, Sheraton.

[ Sunday, January 31, 2010 ]

This marked a very special day for me. It was on this day that I went to my first ever live basketball game!

Okay…so for most people this is no big deal, but to me it was more than just a big deal. It was completely unexpected and not something I planned in advance. More importantly, I was given the opportunity to go to the game because of an unexpected encounter with an individual. I often talk about meeting people in life: some you get to know, some you become life-long friends with, and then there are some who walk into your life briefly but leave a lasting memory. He was definitely one of those.

The Saturday before the game was a very busy day at the store. There was a gala next door at the MTCC that evening, so people were flooding in to buy things they needed. Customer after customer. I had heard that the Indiana Pacers were staying at our hotel, but I was far too busy to be spotting them.

I had just finished a sale when I noticed this man at the counter looking at cufflinks. A very quiet and modest looking man. He asked me what time I open on Sunday and said he will be back tomorrow since he noticed it was a rather busy night at our store. Like with every other customer, I asked what brought him to the hotel. When he said he was with the basketball team, I started telling him about how my co-worker had just spent that afternoon telling me about how she landed tickets to their Sunday game.

Maybe it was the excitement in my voice or just my pure innocence, I don’t know. He asked if I had been to a basketball game before, in which I said no and that I’d really love to go one day. He then asked if I wanted to go to Sunday’s game. I told him I probably wouldn’t make it because most games are in the afternoon when I’ll be working. Then to my surprise, he said the game was going to be in the evening. Rare.

I will never forget the expression on his face when he looked at me and said, “Write me your name. I’ll have two tickets waiting for you and your date. Remember, 6pm tomorrow. Just go to will call.” Completely shocked, I literally looked at him and said, “This can’t be for real.” He replied with a smile, “Just write me your name.” After I repeated myself again and he responded with the same line, I knew it really was for real. In my head, I couldn’t quite make sense of how that all happened. I was shocked, surprised, excited, all at the same time. I wrote down my name and as I gave him the paper, I asked for his name. “I’m Jim O’Brien, head coach of the Pacers.”

He might’ve been the most generous man I’ve ever met. Not just because he gave me two tickets to their basketball game. It’s more than that. It was in the way he carried himself, the way he spoke. I just felt a sense of greatness deep within this person. Before Mr. O’Brien left my store, he turned to this random couple (who needed a tie for that evening) and offered to lend the man one of his two ties because they were just “sitting upstairs in (his) room”. Generous? …Very much so.

I had a great time at the game. Sure, it wasn’t the most exciting game in history and there were moments when it was relatively boring. But the whole experience was amazing and I had good company :) It couldn’t have been a better first game for me.

[ Wednesday, February 3, 2010 ]

The second of my Winterlicious dates was at Far Niente. I wasn’t crazy about the meal here. My haddock and shrimp cake was pretty good and my black angus sirloin was satisfying. Overall, it was alright.

[ Thursday, February 11, 2010 ]

Our last Winterlicious date was at Fred’s Not Here. Absolutely LOVED the baked lobster and crab soup. It was SO delicous! And my ribeye steak…Mmm Mmm!! I tried some of Adrienne, Robin and Danny’s roasted lobster and that was good too. I’m definitely looking forward to revisiting this restaurant. I must admit though, the dessert for Winterlicious this time was a bit disappointing at all three restaurants. I’m hoping for better when Summerlicious comes around again. Just 4 months to go…I can’t wait! :p

what a weekend!

It’s been a pretty crazy weekend at the hotel. I knew the Miami Heat were checked-in when I arrived at work on Friday, so running into them wasn’t going to be a surprise. What ended up being an unexpected surprise was seeing Mario sitting in the lobby. I had no idea he was in town for a gig at Kool Haus that night, nor did I know he was staying at our hotel. I almost didn’t recognize him.

Before the Miami Heat checked out of the hotel for their game at the ACC, a few of the guys from the team came by our store. Basketball players don’t usually end up buying at our store because they’re super tall and don’t fit into normal size shirts like ours, but occasionally they’ll buy accessories from us.

That was the case when Jamaal Magloire stopped by. He picked up a tie, belt, socks and boxers. My co-worker told him to come by if he needed help tying the tie and even joked that we have a small stool for me to stand on. Jamaal turned out to be a very nice guy and we had a good conversation with him during his short stay. He even told me he lives in Scarborough, not too far away from where I live.

I also met two of Heat’s assistant coaches on Friday – David Fizdale and Keith Askins. Coach Askins was awesome; he was singing when he walked into our store and continued singing to our radio as he browsed. I sold him this dragon belt buckle and this set of huge crystal wrap-around cufflinks. I wonder if he wore them that night. Before he left, he introduced himself to me as Keith and shook my hand. I thought that was very nice of him :) Right before the team left the hotel, Coach Fizdale came by and I sold him a blue Dolce Punta tie, which he was supposed to wear to the game that night. (Did anyone see him with it?) Before he left, he joked and called me cute lol

It wasn’t until Sunday when I logged into my Twitter account that I realized my tweet about the Miami Heat was acknowledged and they had actually hit me back! I honestly didn’t think they would’ve picked up my tweet. Go figure!

Saturday was another exciting day. The Miami Heat had checked out and the Orlando Magic had checked in over night. The boys went for practice in the afternoon and I watched them wander down to the bus in their hoodies and sweats. It’s always kind of funny when people in the lobby whisper to each other, wondering if they’ve just spotted a basketball player because they have no idea they’re staying at the same hotel as a basketball team lol

The highlight of my Saturday had to be my $4200 sale. It’s the biggest single sale I’ve had since I started working at the store. Two business partners, 10 shirts, 6 ties, 2 pairs of cufflinks, 6 pairs of socks, and 1 set of Björn Borg boxers. And that was all with a 20% birthday discount. I almost wish I didn’t have to let him use his discount, it would’ve been an even better sale!

Sunday was inventory day at the store. Not quite as exciting as the previous days but we did have Rashard Lewis of Orlando Magic stop by for some cufflinks. He walked off with a very nice pair that matched his jacket to the tee. To my surprise, he was actually a lot nicer than I expected him to be, but “Superman” Dwight Howard is still my favourite. No questions there.

’tis the season for awful back pains

You know (well…I know) Christmas is quickly approaching when I get incredibly painful backaches. I suppose it’s kind of like those people who can sense the rain is coming when their knees hurt :p I’ve been MIA for most of the last two weeks because of how exhausted I’ve been. It’s that time of the year when rest is priority, especially now that I start work at the ungodly hour of 6am. I’ll save you all from my rant about my stresses and worries. A quick post before I gotta hit the sack.

i’m graduating…again!

I finally submitted my request for graduation last week, which means I will officially be graduating from the Travel & Tourism certificate program in the Winter semester. I missed the deadline for Fall convocation because I was waiting for a request for advance standing to go through for a one-day course that was completely pointless for me to take. On one hand, I’m glad to know it’s finally over. But on the other hand, I guess it’s time to consider what my next step will be.

battle of the blades

Who’s been watching Battle of the Blades?! Ever since I heard about the idea of the show, I thought it was a great idea to pair figures skaters with hockey players to compete in figure skating. I’ve been following the show for 7 weeks and has been cheering for Shae-Lynn Bourne and Claude Lemieux. The season wrapped up Monday night to my disappointment when Jamie Salé and Craig Simpson won. I truly believe Shae and Claude’s overall performance was much better, but I must admit Jamie and Craig’s last performance was slightly more captivating. Oh well, I look forward to next season. Wonder if Doug Gilmour will participate…heheh

this is it

I ended up watching This Is It the other night purely out of curiosity. Perhaps it was because I didn’t have any expectations at all, I found the movie interesting enough to get me through to the end. I’ve always had an interest in ‘behind the scenes’ stuff, so this movie gave me plenty of that. Obviously the music was good (c’mon, it’s MJ), but the one thing I liked most was the dancing. The choreography was amazing. I think it really would have been a great show. It’s sad that it couldn’t have happened.

can you feel the heat?

So two weeks ago, we had the Orlando Magic staying at our hotel. This week, take a guess at who’s checking-in to our hotel tonight. Those of you who follow basketball will know that the Toronto Raptors are playing against the Miami Heat this Friday. Yup, you guessed it! The Miami Heat. Hmmm…I wonder if I’ll catch a couple of them before their game.

happy halloween!

No trick or treating or partying for me this year. With the holiday season running in full mode now, my body is calling for every bit of rest it can get (even though I’d much rather be out shaking my booty). But not to worry, I have 3 boxes of Häagen-Dazs ice cream bars and another tub of Oreo ice cream in the fridge to keep me company :)

good times…

There’s so much to talk about, where should I start?! It was good times at Kat’s place last Saturday when we celebrated Anna’s birthday. Plenty of food, booze, and fun. Too bad a few peeps were sick and couldn’t make it. Kat was an awesome hostess who made sure everyone had their drinks. We also all got raped by Ray’s brownies; as Anna said, “it was like intercourse with every bite” lol

for you hockey fans…

The authors of “Leafs Abomination” stopped by our store yesterday to sign copies of their book. I happened to help them and was surprised that they were such nice guys. Though our conversation was short, it was pleasant chatting with them. Check our their book if you get a chance!

magic in the house…

The Orlando Magic are in town to play against the Raptors tomorrow afternoon, and guess where they are staying? In my hotel of course! It’s always interesting seeing basketball players at my store. Standing next to them makes me feel even more minimal than I already am because they are so darn tall. I think it was Dwight Howard who walked by today, nodded and said hello. I thought that was a really nice gesture. Although I don’t really follow basketball, I’d put my money on the Magic for tomorrow’s game. We’ll see what the results are.

artistry at work…

So you may have heard that I’ve recently started a small side project, a project that puts my artistic eye and 7 years of book-selling experience to work: I am helping a client design the cover of his book. Before you’re mistaken, let me clarify that I’m not exactly the one designing the cover. I am more so the consultant who critiques and suggests the changes or ideas for the cover. This project utilizes much of my merchandising, marketing, selling, artistic and design skills. Probably shouldn’t reveal too much of the details yet, but I can tell you it’s a political book that can stir up quite a bit of controversy. 14 years, a billion-dollar deal, political BS. It should be interesting.

I really value this opportunity to take part in the production side of things for once, after dealing with SO MANY books in these past 7 years. More importantly, I value the fact that the author agrees with what I have to say, respects and trusts my suggestions. For someone of his status to say, “Meeting with you is important, I want to finalize what we are doing with you” means a lot to me. I’m really looking forward to meeting with him this Wednesday to further discuss the details of this project.

Speaking of books, it wasn’t until just recently that I found out my picture is featured on the Chapters/Indigo website. I totally forgot that months ago, a photographer came to our store to take pictures of employees at work. Didn’t think they would actually end up using my pic :p

Alright, I’m saving the rest for the next post. This girl’s out!

how about a quickie

I’m going to make it quick today. A couple months ago, I came across this at a store and thought it was pretty cool. It’s called “The Ex Knife Set” (no joke there). If I had my own home, I would totally get it just because it humours me heheh ;)

Another thing that’s kept me entertained are videos of the Chinese gold medalists’ visit to Hong Kong. The gymnasts performed during their short stay in HK and they just seemed to have so much fun. Li Xiaopeng was so funny hehehe It’s so cute how he joked around and stood on the parallel bars lol Have I ever expressed how much I love the way Xiaopeng styles his hair?? :D

Ring Master Chen! His adorable smile makes me want to smile with him :-) He seems like such a softy but mmmman, look at those muscles!! That’s hotness beyond words lol Yang Wei always reminds me of Popeye for some reason. Does anyone else see the resemblance?

Alrighty, gotta get back to work. I’m currently in the midst of planning a cruise wedding. Will talk more in the next post.