i saw the jabbawockeez!!!

After weeks of anticipation, I finally accomplished my mission of watching the Jabbawockeez live last Friday. It was AMAZING! Vanesa, Omar, and I arrived at Guvernment at around 9:30pm. There were only about 30 people in line at the time, with the first few people sporting Jabbawockeez t-shirts. We waited until doors opened and by the time we got inside, it was just before 10:30pm. The club was practically empty. We lingered around for a bit and then settled right against the stage.

It was definitely a long wait. My entire body ached from standing in one spot for nearly 3 hours, but I kept reminding myself that it was worth it. Since it was so crowded it was near impossible to dance while we were waiting, so instead we became mesmerized by the laser and hydraulic lights. That helped pass the time.

It was almost 1:30am when the Jabbawockeez hit the stage. Excitement completely filled the place when the masked men appeared. I was just really happy that we were right up front. I can’t even describe what it felt like to be so close watching them, close enough to even see the droplets of sweat rolling off the side of Ben’s face. And then at the end when they bowed, they just towered over me and it was like…WOW!

My favourite Jabbawockee, Phi, wasn’t there. It wasn’t much of a disappointment since I predicted the 5 guys appearing at Guv would be Ben, Kevin, Eddie, Randy, and Saso, and I was right. I would’ve REALLY liked to see Phi dance in person, but nonetheless it was a good 10 minutes of dancing. Although I watched most of it through my camera, I think it was totally worth it for good footage :)

crazy for the jabbawockeez

In less than a week the Jabbawockeez will be rockin’ it at Guvernment, and yours truly will definitely be there. After waiting 4 weeks for the event, I am going to be super excited to see them! Well, that’s only if Phi’s there. If he doesn’t show up, then I’ll just be excited. :P

Jabbawockeez @ Guvernment Friday, July 25

Phi is definitely my favourite out of all the Jabbawockeez. I really like the detail that he puts into his dancing; that extra turn of the wrist or wiggling of the fingers just sets him apart. Watch the clip below and pay attention to 7:31 where they’re doing the Red Pill. That’s a close up of Phi; see how he turns his wrist as he’s extending his arm? None of the other guys does that (you’d have to watch other video clips to compare), but I think that one little detail makes the execution of that move just THAT much better.

It’s especially hard for me to NOT single Phi out when watching their performances because his moves are so precise and distinct. Besides his crazy attention to detail (maybe because he’s a Virgo), his moves are always very clean and flawless. One of my favourite Phistyles videos is him dancing to Sarah McLachlan’s Possession (see below). He is also very good at miming, which just makes watching him that much more fun.

I love Phi’s choreography for Apologize. I’m so glad they used it to compete on ABDC. It was probably one of my favourite episodes.

One of my favourite Phi solo’s is at the end of this set where he dances to Lovestoned. Oh, Phi!!

It’s hilarious watching this interview of the Jabbwawockeez. I love it when Phi says, “My only real job I’ve ever had was working at Gap Kids” and then his face cringes!! hahaha I repeatedly watch his facial expression just to get a laugh.

So yes, I’m a total Jabbaholic who spends endless hours on YouTube studying…errrrr, watching videos of them. Bite me :P

crushin’ on a jabbawockee

I feel like so much has happened in the last 20 days although I can only recall very little of it. In short, I finished assignments, studied for exams, attended a funeral, looked into starting my own home-based business and, of course, worked! One thing has come right after the other, giving me little time to really take a breather. But I’ve been constantly reminding myself to breathe and to spend time doing relaxing activities. So far, everything seems to be working out well.

First, lets talk about the Jabbawockeez. Let’s just say I’ve become addicted to watching them and they were the only thing that kept me sane over my exam weeks. They’re all very talented dancers. Beyond the technical aspect of their crew, I appreciate their humbleness. If I had to pick a favourite Jabbawockee, it would definitely be Phi because I love the way his body responds to music. I also think Phi is super cute and has the sweetest smile ;)

A very close family friend of ours passed away last Tuesday. The news came as quite a shock to me because Mr. Leung had always been very strong and optimistic over his cancer. But again, reality strikes when these things happen to remind us of how fragile life can be. A week before Mr. Leung passed, my parents came home with a pen for me. They had visited Mr. Leung and he insisted on searching for this particular pen to give to me. I regret not being able to thank him for it. After the last viewing at the funeral, I saw tears fall from my dad’s eyes for the very first time. Mr. Leung had become a very good friend of my dad’s and they often kept each other company at family reunions. This will forever change.

Mr. Leung was a very important person in my aunt’s life. He took well care of my aunt, loved my aunt, and loved her family as well. My aunt had one piece of advice for me: “Find someone who genuinely loves you because only then will you be happy. Don’t hang on to the ones who don’t love you.” For once, I actually believed she was right.

The exams went well and I’m pretty confident about the results of this semester. As I mentioned earlier, I’ve been considering a home-based business opportunity and it’s something I’ve been thinking about constantly over these past weeks. It’s a very scary thought because it will be a huge commitment of both my time and effort in an industry that’s still relatively new to me. Right now though, I’m beyond the point of feeling afraid to take this step. Through researching I’ve gained more confidence about this concept and I’m just really looking forward to getting things started.