trashed! …political garbage

It’s here! It’s finally here! :D

About half a year ago, I started working on a small side project. You might remember me mentioning it in a previous post that I was working as a cover consultant for McGuinty’s book. Well, the wait is finally over…the book has finally been printed! And I received a copy of it in the mail the other day. It was extremely exciting to have the final product in my hands, signed by Gordon McGuinty himself!

I feel very honoured to have had the opportunity to see this project come to life. Prior to reading Trashed! (more accurately, its manuscript) I had very little interest in waste management, but after reading the book I found it to be quite an interesting topic. Not only does Mr. McGuinty’s book talk about his 14 year journey in the Adams Mine project, it also includes many interesting stories that are very inspiring. I think the book is a must read for anyone who is involved or is interested in business, politics, the media, the environment, and of course waste management. Did I mention I love the fact that it’s printed on high quality, ultra smooth paper? :)

The book is currently only available for order through its website. For more information, visit: