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It’s been a whole 2 months since my last post. Not only do I feel like there’s a lot for me to catch up on blogging-wise, I feel like I have a lot of catching up to do in general with life. To be honest, I’m not sure where to start.

The past couple months have been really rough for me. I found myself in a really dark place emotionally and mentally due to the stress from a lot of the things that were happening around me. It affected my health both mentally and physically, and at one point I think I hit the bottom when my body just shut down on me. It forced me to reflect on a lot of things and to make changes with myself. I don’t want to get too deep into it right now, but rest assure that things are getting better.

There are some highlights from the past 2 months that I want to share so I’m going to jump to that. Pretty much all of it is food related. Consider yourself warned.

This past Saturday was my first official outing since I regained my sanity. My friend Adrienne’s boyfriend, Robin, asked if I would be interested in doing a surprise dinner for Adrienne since her birthday was coming up. I thought it was really sweet of him to want to surprise her, so I agreed to it in a heartbeat.

It was a small dinner between the 3 of us (our friend Danny couldn’t make it). Robin and I made arrangements ahead of time so that I would be seated at the restaurant when he arrived at Big Daddy’s Bistro & Oyster Bar with Adrienne. It was kind of funny to see the reaction on Adrienne’s face when she saw me. Overall, I think we did a good job at planning the surprise, and it was a lovely dinner spent with two of my good friends :)

As for the food, I had the Big Daddy’s Seafood Salad which consisted of mixed greens tossed with vinaigrette, topped with 3 jumbo shrimp, smoked salmon, blue crab meat and southern-fried oysters. And it was as delicious as it looked.

On Sunday, Adrienne and Robin invited me over to Robin’s new place for home-made pasta. Here we have Adrienne making the massive meatballs.

It was my first time making fresh pasta, so Robin taught me how to use a pasta maker. I was hesitant at first, but after feeding the dough through the rollers a couple times I started to get the hang of it. It was actually quite fun!

Top it with some fresh parmesan cheese and we’re ready to eat.

Ta-dah! It was delicious! :) Pasta is definitely one of my loves, and I must admit it is even better when the pasta is freshly made. Thanks to Adrienne and Robin for inviting me, I had a lot of fun in the kitchen that day. It made me want my own kitchen even more.

On Tuesday night, I met up with my friend Tommy for his birthday dinner (and because I hadn’t seen him in forever due to his busy schedule – ahem!). We went to Joey @Eaton Centre because neither of us had been to that location before. I’d been craving The Beach Salad since I first had it back in the summer at the Don Mills location, but was slightly disappointed that it didn’t turn out quite as good as I remembered it to be. However, the Pesto Shrimp Flatbread was really good. It was so good I totally forgot to take a picture of it :p I’d recommend passing on the Baked Apple Pie though. It’s really nothing to go crazy over. The atmosphere was nice and I had good company, so overall it was good. It did get to be quite loud, so if you’re looking for a place to chat I’d say try somewhere else. If you’re a sports fan though, you’ll probably enjoy their bar.

A few other things I wanted to share from earlier this Fall…

I don’t normally like to spend time talking about restaurants I don’t like, but I thought it was important that I mention this particular one because it really didn’t live up to my expectations. For my birthday, Adrienne & Robin took me out for dinner at Fisherman’s Wharf. We had heard about it many times before but had never actually been there, so we decided to try them out. It turned out to be mediocre food at fine dining prices. Their baked oysters were really good, but most of the seafood dishes we had were battered and deep fried (we weren’t exactly expecting them to be). Let’s just say I’m in no rush to go back there.

If my first love is pasta, then my second love would have to be crab cakes. I took this picture of the crab cakes at Moxies when I took my god brother, Edison, out for his birthday lunch a few weeks ago. It was thoughtful of him to remember how much I loved crab cakes, so I took the picture to remember that moment. We don’t see each other very often nowadays, but I know that this brother-I-never-had is always just a phone call away.

So I guess this last “highlight” is still somewhat food related. As some may have heard, the Steve Jobs bio came out a few weeks ago. Stores were given directives to create an apple display at the front of their stores for the book launch. There weren’t specific instructions on how to build this apple so we just sorta winged it. Since the stores opened early the day of the launch, we only had about 50 minutes to create the display. With the help of my co-workers, Alessia & Steve, we built this gigantic apple. What do you guys think?

The display can still be seen at the front of the store when you walk into Chapters @ John & Richmond, but I bet not very many people know that it’s actually not the same “apple” as the one we built the first time. We were trying to move the table over by about 3 meters last week when the original apple came crashing down just inches away from where we were going to park it. It was a sad, sad moment. My co-worker and I ended up having to build it all over again, but it just didn’t look the same. At least it’s sturdier this time :P

That’s it for now. There’s a whole lot that I want to share, but I’ll save them for next time. Good night all!

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