and down it came…

You might have heard (from my tweets and what not) about what happened in my backyard after the storm yesterday evening. Well, here are some visuals to give you a better idea of what it looks like after a heavy branch of a very tall tree falls onto your garage and into your backyard.

Our next door neighbour called us to tell us a tree had fallen into our yard. We looked out the window and this is what we saw. Looks a bit like a jungle, doesn’t it?

It turns out the big branch came off our neighbour’s tree, with the heaviest part of it landing on the roof of our garage. The smaller branches draped off the garage roof and filled half our yard. It missed the house by just over 3 feet.

Looks like a skinny branch eh? Don’t underestimate its strength though.

That branch was longer than our garage!

It didn’t look like it was that bad at first, but let’s have a closer look…

As you can see, part of the roof is slightly caved in. According to the guys who came for emergency removal of the tree, the roof of the garage has been badly damaged and will need to be replaced completely.

When we went to speak to the owner of the property in which the tree was on, we saw this on the street behind ours…

Just wanted to share some of those pictures :) Will post more when I have more time.

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