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As you’ve probably noticed, I’ve been on a blog hiatus for the past month and a half. A lot has been going on for me during this time, both in and out of work, so I haven’t had much spare time for anything besides rest.

I had mentioned in my last post that March would be a pretty crazy month for me, and sure enough it was. At the beginning of the month, I was stressed over my dad’s surgery. When that was done and things turned out fine for him, I found myself even more stressed over having to clean our house in preparation for the new addition to our family. For a week and a half, I was only doing 4 things every day: work, clean, shower, sleep…repeat. Believe me, it was intense!

So to relieve some of that stress, I decided to spend a bit of time the other day doing something that didn’t involve cleaning or physical labour. After work, a bunch of my co-workers and I hopped over to the Corned Beef House for our first knitting club meet. My mom taught me to knit when I was in elementary school and I’ve made a scarf, but I haven’t knitted since then. I’m glad that we have a knitting club now at work so I can get back into the knitting thing and learn some new skills from others. Hopefully, I’ll have a scarf made by next winter.

Speaking of the Corned Beef House, I must tell you how great this place is. It’s a small cozy restaurant/bar with amazing food. Their plates are SO BIG it’s ridiculous! Sadly, I haven’t tried their corned beef sandwiches yet. Instead, my co-worker, Iman, got me into their Smoked Meat Poutine. It is SO GOOD! Definitely two thumbs up from me. The owner of the place is a cool guy so you always get great service. Check out the Corned Beef House at the corner of John & Adelaide.

For my next post, I’ll be reviewing some products that I recently purchased and are really enjoying. For example, featured in the picture above are my new make-up brushes from Sigma. Will write more about them in my next post. Most of the reviews will be on beauty products so girls, stay tuned.

And before I go, I’ll leave you all with this video. I’m lovin’ the beat to this track. Awesome collabo…Jin x Dumbfounded x Traphik. (By the way, I’ve got Jin following me on Twitter!!)

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