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I have a habit of reading the very last page or paragraph of a book before I start reading it from the beginning. I tend to do this because I like to know how the book will be concluded, and since I pretty much only read non-fiction I don’t have to worry about ruining the ending. To me, a good conclusion to a book says a lot about the author. There is nothing more aggravating than reading a whole book (let it be fiction or non-fiction), only to be left hanging at the end. It doesn’t matter if it’s merely a poor choice of conclusion or the book failing to provide its reader with proper closure by ending abruptly. The reader is left feeling like the book is incomplete.

This brings me to the idea of closure in relationships and why I started writing about closure to begin with. I don’t know how often it happens where a person walks away from a relationship and leaves the other person stranded with questions never answered. But this has happened to me enough times with the same person for me to know how important giving and getting closure is.

Responsible people make sure there is closure before abandoning the relationship. You can say an author who provides his or her readers with a good conclusion to a book is a responsible author. The same goes for people who’ve come to the end of their relationships. I’m sure there are a number of reasons why a person would choose to simply walk away without a proper “closing”. Though I may not know of all the reasons, I know one of them is fear. Fear that things will get messy once it’s open on the table. Fear of having to clean up the mess afterward (or maybe that’s laziness). Fear of admitting to things you don’t want to admit to. Fear.

Out of respect for the other person’s peace of mind, I think providing closure is necessary. Being forced to draw your own conclusions often only causes misunderstandings. But even then it’s not real closure. Without proper closure, it makes letting go difficult and moving on impossible. So where can one go to find closure if the only person who can give it to you refuses to?

Ultimately, I think all people need closure. A hug or a kiss at the end of a night to tell that friend or lover “goodbye”, or getting that diploma when a program is completed at school. Those are simple acts of giving and getting closure. When a murderer is sentenced to life in prison, that’s closure for the victim’s family. It doesn’t necessarily change the situation, but having closure makes moving on possible.

So here’s a piece of advice: a good author should provide his/her readers with proper closure at the end of his/her book. A responsible lover should also do the same.

no bruno, but i got the warriors

I can not hide my sorrow. It breaks my heart every time I think about it. What could have been and should have been…

You see, I haven’t quite gotten over the fact that I wasn’t able to see Bruno Mars at the Kiss 92.5 Haus Party. For weeks I was super stoked about it and had planned to go with Danny and his girlfriend. But when we tried to get tickets a few weeks before the show, we found out it was SOLD OUT! I was heartbroken. Okay so maybe I’m exaggerating a little there, but it was sad nonetheless. Bruno Mars is one of the most talented musicians around right now, and hearing his music live would have been amazing. But I guess I’ll just have to get over it :(

To kind of make up for not seeing Bruno, I decided to go check out one of the places I’ve been wanting to go to for years…the ROM! I know it’s not half as exciting as seeing Bruno Mars live, but at least it’s another thing off the to-do list. Plus, my boss was raving about the Terracotta Warriors exhibit and told me to check it out, so I rung up my buddy Aaron after work on Friday and off we went to the museum.

As soon as we got there, we went straight to the Terracotta exhibit. I didn’t expect a lot out of it because I figured it wasn’t going to be quite as impressive as seeing the army at the pit in X’ian, China. However, I did enjoy the idea of being able to see the artifacts (that are well over a 1000 years old) so close to home. Many wine vessels were on display and 10 terracotta figures were showcased. I was particularly surprised to see that there was an archer in a display case that still had some paint on it, although I think my biggest surprise was seeing a display of ancient Chinese “erotic objects”. (I’m not kidding!) The exhibit didn’t allow any photography so unfortunately I couldn’t get any pictures. Sorry!

My first and last time at the ROM was back in 1991, so we used the remainder of our time to wander through the entire museum. We saw everything from the animals, dinosaurs to the gems & jewels to the treasures of the world. It was definitely a Night at the Museum.

Oh yes, may I introduce you to the fat-o-saurous?

On a completely different note, I just want to express my newfound love for this fine pub fare. I tried the Irish Nachos at the Firkin on King the other day and it was SO GOOD! So unhealthy, but SO good. A must try if you haven’t already.

in with the new

What a year it has been…for my eyes. Earlier in the year, I spent two months dealing with a left eye that stopped moving. As if that wasn’t enough to traumatize me, I now have to deal with another issue with my left eye. Really now…my quota should be up for all these bizarre self-repairable eye problems.

Compared to the constant double vision I had for nearly 5 weeks (caused by a nerve malfunction), the issue I’m experiencing now is VERY minor. For a couple days, my left eye was extremely irritated by my contacts. When I checked in at the optical that week to have my new trial contacts fitted, the optician found a mark in the cornea of my left eye. It’s uncertain what caused the mark, but it’s possibly a scratch from a tiny cut in a lens. After a few revisits, he confirmed with the optometrist that it shouldn’t be too serious and the eye should be able to “repair” itself in time. I just need to lay off on the contacts for a week to 10 days. Since I haven’t updated my glasses in nearly 6 years, I decided to finally buy a new pair.

Shopping for eyewear is a long and daunting task for me. I always have a hard time finding eyewear that fits me because I have a small head/face with BIG eyes; the glasses can’t be too wide, yet the frame has to be big enough to accommodate the size of my eyes. At the same time, the frame can’t be too thick and it can’t be too dark because I’m pale. The optician liked a pair of purple Prada ones on me, but I wasn’t entirely satisfied. After trying on maybe 30 pairs of glasses, I finally found a pair that fit me (pictured above). It’s no Prada, but I think it fits me well. Again it goes to show it’s not always about the brand. Like I always say…choose what suits you best.

So for the past month, there has been much speculation on what will be opening across the street from our store. Construction had started in the space that used to be Montana’s at the corner of John & Richmond, and at first I thought maybe it was going to be another restaurant. But surprise, surprise. It’s actually something original…a bowling alley! The first in downtown Toronto. For someone who doesn’t bowl, I must say I am quite impressed by the idea and think it’ll be a great addition to the Entertainment District. For all those who are itching to go bowling downtown, I’ll keep you guys posted on when The Ballroom will be opening.

On another note, I finally visited Bayview Village for the first time since I left Chapters Bayview 2 months ago. At the time, the mall and Chapters was going through renovations, so it was my first time seeing the finished appearance of the whole complex. I absolutely love the black & white theme for the exterior of the mall, although I think it kind of makes the exterior of Chapters look a bit old.

When I got to the entrance of the mall, I thought the greeting on the newly added sliding door was funny…lol

Ah, yes…the infamous “wall of cheese” at the new Pusateri’s worth something like $20,000. I was actually disappointed with the display. My friends from Chapters had been telling me about it and I had been visualizing something much more extravagant. But I guess there’s only so much you can do with cheese, eh? :p

It was a nice visit to my old store nonetheless. I got to see almost all the people I wanted to say hi to, so that was very nice. What surprised me though, was the fact that I didn’t really feel like I missed the store the way I thought I would. The people…YES! DEFINITELY! But not so much the store itself. That goes to show I really am happy with the change and have grown comfortable with the new environment. I think the only thing I’ll miss from BV is the convenient grocery shopping :)

i met russell peters!!!

It’s that time of the year again, when the leaves turn red and start falling to the ground. It’s inevitable. Thus, I’ve been keeping myself busy to fend off what will likely become the winter blues. The past two weeks can be summed up by this simple equation: Russell Peters + Wicked + food + music = JOY!

I’ve got quite a bit to get through, so let’s start with the recap:

[ Tuesday, October 26, 2010 ] My co-worker, Shila, invited me over for dinner and she made me this Mediterranean dish called Dajaj Salona. Her husband didn’t like it because it was spicy, but I thought it was great. Her little pomeranian was SO CUTE! While we were working on the computer, he kept putting his paw on my arm to get my attention. So cute! Makes me want a puppy too.

[ Wednesday, October 27, 2010 ] I had been craving wings for a while and my co-worker had recommended this place called Puck ‘N Wings, so I met up with Aaron before the Russell Peters event to try it out. I got a pound of their Creamy Parm Wings and it was absolutely DELISH! The wings were big and the flavour was extremely rich. I felt sinful after devouring them all. Will definitely want to go back to try out some of their other flavours.

After a very satisfying meal, Aaron and I went over to Chapters to check out the book signing. I had only wanted to go catch a glimpse of Russell Peters and had no intentions of actually meeting him. But when I ran into my manager, Geoffrey, outside the store and he asked if I wanted to meet the man, I thought…why not! The awesome G man pulled a few strings and next thing I knew, I was in the tiny “green room”.

Geoffrey walked through the gathering of people (which included managers, 2 cops, a cameraman, some bodyguards, PR reps and a family of 4) and said with a smile on his face, “Russell, I’d like you to meet this wonderful young lady. She works with us at this store.” Russell Peters then walked over to me, shook my hand, and said…”What are you?” lol Half shocked and half star-struck, I kind of stared blankly at him as he said, “That guy’s Korean. This guy’s Chinese but looks Japanese. So what are you?” At that point I giggled a little and responded with “Why don’t you tell me what I am.”

I had no doubt that the infamous comedian would instantly guess that I’m Chinese. What I didn’t expect was when I asked him why, he said it was because I’m pale. haha Jokes aside, Russell Peters was a wonderful guy. I thought he was going to be a dick, but he turned out to be quite nice. He took the time to exchange a few words with me and then he offered to sign his book to my name (which Geoffrey spelled for him). And before I left the room, he told me to “stay brown”. lol Yup, that’s Russell Peters for you!

[ Sunday, October 31, 2010 ] I didn’t really do much for Halloween. After work, I went over to Kat’s place for a small get together with some old old old co-workers. While we waited for people to arrive, I helped Kat in the kitchen. The cutting and chopping is my favourite part of cooking, so I dealt with that while Kat made the meatballs. MY GOD…those meatballs were SO GOOD! It was a lovely evening spent chatting about old times and as usual, Kat was a great hostess.

[ Wednesday, November 3, 2010 ] It’s not often that I do things on a whim, but I’ve waited so long for Wicked the Musical to come back to Toronto that I decided to go by myself to see a matinee show. Given the short notice, I figured it would be easier to find a single seat AND I wouldn’t have to deal with working out schedules or anything. I bought my ticket on Monday and went all out by getting a premium seat (Orchestra A Seat #31). It came up to $135, but I figured it would’ve cost me more if I had seen the show on Broadway 3 years ago, so I was able to justify it. (I had tickets to see Wicked on Broadway right after my cruise 3 years ago, but the screenwriters went on strike that very morning so our tickets were refunded.) I was quite happy with my seat. I was about the 9th row from the stage and just barely off center, so I was the perfect distance away from the orchestra but close enough to see the expressions on the actors/actresses faces.

The show was amazing. I LOVED IT! The story, the costumes, the music…it was just great. Even though one of the main characters (Elphaba) was substituted by an understudy, I think she did a fantastic job (maybe even better than the actress who played the other main character). I would’ve really liked to have seen the show with the original cast, because I think Idina Menzel and Kristin Chenoweth were so perfect for their roles. But obviously that could never happen again so I tried not to compare it too much. I would highly recommend this musical AND I would recommend getting tickets soon. It seems the prices have gone up. I don’t know if it’s due to demand. I wouldn’t be surprised.

Last but not least, Far East Movement was on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno last night. These guys were fly! I totally loved the colour coordination of their outfits. Notice how Kev is completely decked out in my colours? And by MY colours, I mean…well, look at the colours of the font on this page. lol Do you see it now? :)

25% off this thursday @ ~h2o+

Just wanted to do a quick update because H2O Plus will be having their annual 25% off sale this coming Thursday. Thought I would recommend a few products to you guys in case any of you were interested in trying their skin care.

I’ve been using H2O Plus for about 7 years and I pretty much swear by it. Marketed as sea-derived skin care, H2O Plus products are full of sea minerals, marine botanicals and plant extracts. I like the formulas for a lot of their products because it’s light, feels good on the skin and it does the job well. I can’t say that their products will work for everybody because I’ve never really had problems with my skin. But if you have normal skin like I do and just want to maintain it, this is a good brand for you.

H2O Plus is a bit more expensive than what you normally find in drugstores, but some of their products (though not all) are well worth the money. For me, skin care is one of the things I would never cheap out on. I have tried MANY of the H2O Plus products over the years and, through trial and error, have discovered some of their best products. Below is a brief review of some of the H2O Plus products I highly recommend.

Face Oasis™ Hydrating Lotion SPF 30
Formally known as the Face Oasis Plus Hydrating Fluid SPF 15, it’s my all-time favourite moisturizer. For a couple years, it was discontinued in Canada and I had to stock up on it while in New York and Hong Kong. When it finally returned to Canada, it was re-marketed with SPF 30. I love it because it is SO light and the skin absorbs it very quickly. It’s very difficult finding a moisturizer with SPF that isn’t thick and sticky. This one definitely comes out on top and I use it daily in the morning.

Face Oasis™ Cleansing Water
I use this every morning when I wash my face. It’s a good oil-free cleanser that’s refreshing. Personally, I wouldn’t use it to remove make-up because I feel like it’s too light to thoroughly clean the make-up from your face (maybe it’s psychological) and it doesn’t foam very well. However, it’s good for when your face is a bit oily and you want to give it a good wash to clear it up. It’s also great for cleaning make-up brushes and body sponges.

Sea Mineral Scrub
Absolutely LOVE this scrub. I haven’t tried a lot of different scrubs, but the ones I have tried were gritty and they’d hurt my face. This one is gentle enough to use almost every day (although due to lack of time I usually only use it 2-3 times a week). After massaging it throughout the face and then rinsing it off, you will instantly feel the difference. Highly highly recommend this one.

Night Oasis™ Oxygenating Rejuvenator
This one’s a good moisturizer for the night. Like all the other H2O Plus products, it’s light and feels great on. The skin absorbs it very quickly so you don’t have to put your face on your pillow with your face feeling all sticky (like you’re going to get moisturizer all over your pillowcase).

Spa Sea Marine Body Scrub
A fairly good scrub to exfoliate dry skin. Unlike the following product I’m going to talk about, this one needs to be followed up with the Exfoliating Marine Body Butter (which I think might be discontinued) or the moisturizer of your choice. Otherwise, you’ll come out of the shower feeling a bit like the moisture has been sucked out of your body. It does exfoliate well though.

Spa Sea Salt Skin Smoother
Another one of my LOVES. Everyone should try this. It is THE BEST thing your skin will ever experience. The sea salts do a great job at exfoliating your skin and the oil that the sea salts sit in the container with gives you the perfect finish. You won’t even need to follow up with a moisturizer. This one’s best used once or twice a week.

Spa Sea Salt Hydrating Body Butter
A good hydrating moisturizer for the body. It’s may seem thick at first but once you rub it in, the skin absorbs it quickly. I like to use this product to hydrate my skin on days when I don’t use a scrub. In the winter, I like to use this after using the Sea Salt Skin Smoother to help with the dry skin.