“if it is meant to happen, it will.”

Those who have followed me and my blogs through the years will know that I enjoy writing about things that inspire me. Sometimes my stories are about interesting situations that I happen upon. Other times, they’re about the people I meet who make an impact in my life. They are always true stories. In my last post, I wrote about meeting Far*East Movement. Meeting them was one was thing. How it happened is actually a story on its own.

After the show on Sunday, Danny asked me if I wanted to go meet the guys. Without even needing to think, I said “no”. Danny looked at me funny and asked “Are you sure? It’s a rare opportunity. You really don’t want to meet Kev Nish? He’s your favourite.” Again I told him “no”. The guys were hanging out in their own area networking with people. I didn’t feel like it was the time and place for me to be there; I felt like I already got more than I wanted. I was walking away with the experience of seeing Far*East Movement perform live, an FM t-shirt that J-Splif gave me from the stage, and a “Girls On the Dance Floor” Remixtape. That’s on top of what Danny got me on Saturday – the CD signed by the members of the group to my name AND a shout out video. It was a very eventful weekend and I was going away with a lot of FM goodies. I honestly felt content. I told Danny…”If it’s meant to happen, it will. If it doesn’t, then it wasn’t meant for me. I don’t want to ask for more than I’m supposed to have. I already got enough.”

With that said, Danny asked me to go outside with him so he could have a smoke. We went outside and stood opposite the “patio” doors. As Danny was lighting up, I remember looking up into the night sky thinking what a crazy weekend it had been and how happy I was being able to see FM live. Then the doors opened and out walked Kev Nish! I think Danny said hey to him and he recognized Danny from the day before, so he stopped to say hey. Danny introduced me to him and as he shook my hand, I thought to myself…“OMG! This really can’t be for real!” lol

Kev ended up chatting with us for almost half an hour. We talked about a bunch of random things, but in all honesty I wasn’t even focused on the conversation itself. I was in shock! I just kept thinking it had to be a dream. Just minutes ago, I was telling Danny I didn’t need to meet him. Then minutes later, the guy whose talent I’ve admired for the longest time pretty much placed himself next to me! How does something like that even come to happen? lol What if he never came out? What if he came out and walked right by us? He could have quickly wandered off but he didn’t. What if I had told Danny I wanted to meet them? Would things have turned out the way it did? I suppose I could spend the rest of my life wondering how I got to be so lucky, but even then I don’t think I’ll get an answer.

This experience made me realize that if something is meant to happen, it will. If something isn’t meant to be yours, it won’t be no matter what you do. Life really is full of surprises, and sometimes they happen when you least expect it.

*Side note: did I mention they used my pictures from the show on their blog? hehehe

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