meet me half way

I can’t believe half the summer is over already! In a blink of an eye, we’re already nearing the end of July. I feel like I haven’t really done anything yet to enjoy this summer. The last exciting thing I remember doing was meeting Far East Movement, and that was already a month ago. Since then, I’ve just been working. Although half the time I’m only working 4.5 hour days, my days are actually longer because I wake up at 4:30am for work at 6am and I don’t end up sleeping until midnight. I really should start sleeping earlier.

Finally saw Despicable Me last week with my friends from work. It was AWESOME! No wonder Anna decided to see it AGAIN lol I can’t decide which movie I like more: Despicable Me or Toy Story 3. They’re both up there for me. There were a lot of parts in Despicable Me that were really cute and funny. I also loved the minions! “IT’S SO FLUFFFFFFFFFFY!!!”

Usually for Summerlicious and Winterlicious, I try to hit three different restaurants. With conflicting schedules and everyone being busy, I only managed to hit one restaurant for Summerlicious this year. My friend Tommy had made reservations for this restaurant called Trevor Kitchen and Bar. It was a small but cozy place underground. The service and atmosphere was great. I wasn’t too crazy about the food though. The lamb pastrami appetizer was pretty good, but I was mostly looking forward to the cookies & cream tiramisu (which in my opinion would’ve been much better without the raspberry sauce drizzled on it). Overall, I had a good time. It was nice catching up with Tommy since I hadn’t seen him in a while and our last Summerlicious dinner was 4 years ago.

Yesterday was a special day. Aaron, Anna, Raquel and I made plans to visit Anasha and baby Kalani after work. I can’t believe my goddaughter is almost 2 months old! Anna and Raquel had fun holding Kalani and playing with her, while I had fun taking pictures of the precious little one. We took a nice walk to the mall (Kalani’s first shopping trip!) since Anasha hasn’t really had the chance to get out much. It was really good seeing Anasha, who’s doing well and looking great. I took some nice pictures of mommy and baby after we got back from the mall. Will post them soon.

Last but not least, Far East Movement is back in town this Friday. They’re here on the All Hearts Tour with label mate, Robyn, and will be partying at Wetbar/Suite 106 after the show. So if any of you are partying this Friday, you know where the party’s at. Unfortunately, I think I’m going to pass on this event to catch up on some rest time. Been working ALMOST everyday since July 12th because my boss at the store was in NY for a buying trip. With a 13-hour workday coming up this Sunday, I’ll probably need all the rest I can get before I spend this weekend working. On the up side, I can look forward to things getting back to normal next week :)

the most humble people i’ve ever met

Before anything else, I hope everyone can show some support by voting tomorrow (Friday) for Far East Movement’s “Like a G6” on Z103.5 Head 2 Head at 7pm. (Call 416-798-1035 and/or email FM defeated Lil Jon ft. 3OH!3, winning with 70% of the votes. Let’s do it again tomorrow!

I’ve always strongly believed that music is subjective. Like all forms of art, it’s based on personal preferences. People have different tastes in music as they do in many other aspects of life; there is not ONE voice, one artist, or one genre that absolutely everyone likes. Obviously, I have my own preferences too. You’ve probably noticed that a lot of my recent posts have been about Far East Movement (aka. FM). As much as I don’t want to bombard you all with FM talk, I thought I should at least explain why I support FM as much as I do.

I first heard of them a few years ago when they collaborated with Jin Tha MC on a song called “Food Fight”. Later heard that their song “Round Round” was featured in the Fast & Furious: Tokyo Drift soundtrack and it was a song that I was bopping my head to, but again they fell off my radar. When I heard the song “You’ve Got a Friend” and the rest of their “Animal” album, it was then that I started to really fall in love with their music. Growing up as a dancer, the beat in a piece of music is very important to me. Like I mentioned before, music is subjective. I guess FM’s music happens to have those beats that I look for.

For the past two years, I’ve listened to their music repeatedly and perhaps watched a few videos of them. For a long time though, I didn’t know very much about their background. It was during the time when I was stuck at home dealing with my vision problem that I started to learn more about FM through YouTube videos and reading their online interviews. It was the first time in years that I actually had time to myself, and of course when I’m passionate about something, I like to do a lot of research and get to know everything there is to know about the subject. With a patch on one eye, I would read about how they started writing music, the difficulties they encountered being Asian American rappers, and I would watch them speak in videos where they talk about their journey into the music industry. It was then that I realized they are very humble people and extremely hardworking. When I got the chance to meet and talk to them, they were one of the most humble people I’d ever met. They have a clear vision of what they need to do, which is why they are now signed to a major record label and is becoming more known. They often support good causes and they are helping in building a ground for Asians in the music industry (they’re probably the only Asian music group on the scene right now). I find them and their work to be very inspiring.

So yes, music is subjective. You may or may not like their music. But I hope that you all can show them some support and help them grow here in Canada, if not for simply the fact that they are great people.

Here is a short documentary about how they started:

let’s just chill out

I don’t usually complain about the heat because I have a tendency to feel cold very easily, but MANNNNN…this heat got me beat! Tell me I’m not the only person who can’t take it anymore. Having to get up at 4:30am for work really doesn’t help when it’s so hot that I can’t sleep at night. Apparently in my house, the AC is only allowed to be turned on during selective times of the day and most nights don’t qualify. I’ve already missed a couple nights and now my body clock is totally messed up. Please, just let it rain (let it POUR!) so Toronto can cool down and our flowers/grass can grow.

Haven’t been blogging this past week because I’ve been taking it easy and trying to clock in some much needed Zzzzz time after work. My summer’s been pretty mellow so far. A lot of ME time catching up on some of the things I haven’t had the time to do in years (will explain more in my next post). Mario’s been keeping me company…on my DS, that is. Nothing like a good game of Mario Kart :)

I’ll leave you with a few mellow tunes that I’m chillin’ out to in this hot weather… what are YOU listening to?

“if it is meant to happen, it will.”

Those who have followed me and my blogs through the years will know that I enjoy writing about things that inspire me. Sometimes my stories are about interesting situations that I happen upon. Other times, they’re about the people I meet who make an impact in my life. They are always true stories. In my last post, I wrote about meeting Far*East Movement. Meeting them was one was thing. How it happened is actually a story on its own.

After the show on Sunday, Danny asked me if I wanted to go meet the guys. Without even needing to think, I said “no”. Danny looked at me funny and asked “Are you sure? It’s a rare opportunity. You really don’t want to meet Kev Nish? He’s your favourite.” Again I told him “no”. The guys were hanging out in their own area networking with people. I didn’t feel like it was the time and place for me to be there; I felt like I already got more than I wanted. I was walking away with the experience of seeing Far*East Movement perform live, an FM t-shirt that J-Splif gave me from the stage, and a “Girls On the Dance Floor” Remixtape. That’s on top of what Danny got me on Saturday – the CD signed by the members of the group to my name AND a shout out video. It was a very eventful weekend and I was going away with a lot of FM goodies. I honestly felt content. I told Danny…”If it’s meant to happen, it will. If it doesn’t, then it wasn’t meant for me. I don’t want to ask for more than I’m supposed to have. I already got enough.”

With that said, Danny asked me to go outside with him so he could have a smoke. We went outside and stood opposite the “patio” doors. As Danny was lighting up, I remember looking up into the night sky thinking what a crazy weekend it had been and how happy I was being able to see FM live. Then the doors opened and out walked Kev Nish! I think Danny said hey to him and he recognized Danny from the day before, so he stopped to say hey. Danny introduced me to him and as he shook my hand, I thought to myself…“OMG! This really can’t be for real!” lol

Kev ended up chatting with us for almost half an hour. We talked about a bunch of random things, but in all honesty I wasn’t even focused on the conversation itself. I was in shock! I just kept thinking it had to be a dream. Just minutes ago, I was telling Danny I didn’t need to meet him. Then minutes later, the guy whose talent I’ve admired for the longest time pretty much placed himself next to me! How does something like that even come to happen? lol What if he never came out? What if he came out and walked right by us? He could have quickly wandered off but he didn’t. What if I had told Danny I wanted to meet them? Would things have turned out the way it did? I suppose I could spend the rest of my life wondering how I got to be so lucky, but even then I don’t think I’ll get an answer.

This experience made me realize that if something is meant to happen, it will. If something isn’t meant to be yours, it won’t be no matter what you do. Life really is full of surprises, and sometimes they happen when you least expect it.

*Side note: did I mention they used my pictures from the show on their blog? hehehe