what a weekend!

It’s been a pretty crazy weekend at the hotel. I knew the Miami Heat were checked-in when I arrived at work on Friday, so running into them wasn’t going to be a surprise. What ended up being an unexpected surprise was seeing Mario sitting in the lobby. I had no idea he was in town for a gig at Kool Haus that night, nor did I know he was staying at our hotel. I almost didn’t recognize him.

Before the Miami Heat checked out of the hotel for their game at the ACC, a few of the guys from the team came by our store. Basketball players don’t usually end up buying at our store because they’re super tall and don’t fit into normal size shirts like ours, but occasionally they’ll buy accessories from us.

That was the case when Jamaal Magloire stopped by. He picked up a tie, belt, socks and boxers. My co-worker told him to come by if he needed help tying the tie and even joked that we have a small stool for me to stand on. Jamaal turned out to be a very nice guy and we had a good conversation with him during his short stay. He even told me he lives in Scarborough, not too far away from where I live.

I also met two of Heat’s assistant coaches on Friday – David Fizdale and Keith Askins. Coach Askins was awesome; he was singing when he walked into our store and continued singing to our radio as he browsed. I sold him this dragon belt buckle and this set of huge crystal wrap-around cufflinks. I wonder if he wore them that night. Before he left, he introduced himself to me as Keith and shook my hand. I thought that was very nice of him :) Right before the team left the hotel, Coach Fizdale came by and I sold him a blue Dolce Punta tie, which he was supposed to wear to the game that night. (Did anyone see him with it?) Before he left, he joked and called me cute lol

It wasn’t until Sunday when I logged into my Twitter account that I realized my tweet about the Miami Heat was acknowledged and they had actually hit me back! I honestly didn’t think they would’ve picked up my tweet. Go figure!

Saturday was another exciting day. The Miami Heat had checked out and the Orlando Magic had checked in over night. The boys went for practice in the afternoon and I watched them wander down to the bus in their hoodies and sweats. It’s always kind of funny when people in the lobby whisper to each other, wondering if they’ve just spotted a basketball player because they have no idea they’re staying at the same hotel as a basketball team lol

The highlight of my Saturday had to be my $4200 sale. It’s the biggest single sale I’ve had since I started working at the store. Two business partners, 10 shirts, 6 ties, 2 pairs of cufflinks, 6 pairs of socks, and 1 set of Björn Borg boxers. And that was all with a 20% birthday discount. I almost wish I didn’t have to let him use his discount, it would’ve been an even better sale!

Sunday was inventory day at the store. Not quite as exciting as the previous days but we did have Rashard Lewis of Orlando Magic stop by for some cufflinks. He walked off with a very nice pair that matched his jacket to the tee. To my surprise, he was actually a lot nicer than I expected him to be, but “Superman” Dwight Howard is still my favourite. No questions there.

’tis the season for awful back pains

You know (well…I know) Christmas is quickly approaching when I get incredibly painful backaches. I suppose it’s kind of like those people who can sense the rain is coming when their knees hurt :p I’ve been MIA for most of the last two weeks because of how exhausted I’ve been. It’s that time of the year when rest is priority, especially now that I start work at the ungodly hour of 6am. I’ll save you all from my rant about my stresses and worries. A quick post before I gotta hit the sack.

i’m graduating…again!

I finally submitted my request for graduation last week, which means I will officially be graduating from the Travel & Tourism certificate program in the Winter semester. I missed the deadline for Fall convocation because I was waiting for a request for advance standing to go through for a one-day course that was completely pointless for me to take. On one hand, I’m glad to know it’s finally over. But on the other hand, I guess it’s time to consider what my next step will be.

battle of the blades

Who’s been watching Battle of the Blades?! Ever since I heard about the idea of the show, I thought it was a great idea to pair figures skaters with hockey players to compete in figure skating. I’ve been following the show for 7 weeks and has been cheering for Shae-Lynn Bourne and Claude Lemieux. The season wrapped up Monday night to my disappointment when Jamie Salé and Craig Simpson won. I truly believe Shae and Claude’s overall performance was much better, but I must admit Jamie and Craig’s last performance was slightly more captivating. Oh well, I look forward to next season. Wonder if Doug Gilmour will participate…heheh

this is it

I ended up watching This Is It the other night purely out of curiosity. Perhaps it was because I didn’t have any expectations at all, I found the movie interesting enough to get me through to the end. I’ve always had an interest in ‘behind the scenes’ stuff, so this movie gave me plenty of that. Obviously the music was good (c’mon, it’s MJ), but the one thing I liked most was the dancing. The choreography was amazing. I think it really would have been a great show. It’s sad that it couldn’t have happened.

can you feel the heat?

So two weeks ago, we had the Orlando Magic staying at our hotel. This week, take a guess at who’s checking-in to our hotel tonight. Those of you who follow basketball will know that the Toronto Raptors are playing against the Miami Heat this Friday. Yup, you guessed it! The Miami Heat. Hmmm…I wonder if I’ll catch a couple of them before their game.

officially hired!

So as I mentioned in my last post, I am working on a book cover for an author. Now that I have officially been hired as his consultant, I feel like I can talk a little bit more about it.

The man whose book I am working on is a semi-high profile businessman by the name of Gordon McGuinty, second cousin (I believe) of Ontario’s premier. Let me first clarify that Gord has VERY different views from our premier. His book is about the political BS that he has dealt with in the last 14 years, with the issue mainly surrounding a billion-dollar contract that never came through. Anyone remember “Adam’s Mine”?

Some of you might still remember what happened almost a decade ago, before Toronto’s garbage was shipped to Michigan. Long story short, Gordon owned the mine at the time and proposed to use it for landfill since Toronto’s waste needed a new home. That idea stirred up many controversies and protests. The book will tell Gord’s side of the story as it happened; how the politicians screwed over the deal and how Toronto’s garbage ended up being shipped across the border.

The experience working with McGuinty so far has been great. I had a 5-hour meeting with him last week when he flew into Toronto and was able to discuss a number of things re: his cover and a bit about marketing his book with him. I’m very excited about everything we’re doing and can’t wait until it all comes together.

On a different note, our friend The Identity Crisis is dropping his new album this Friday. Come join the fun and have “Breakfast with a Psychopath”

Friday, November 13, 2009 at the legendary El Mocambo

See you there! ;)