she smiles in the rain

It’s funny how little things in life can cause subtle changes to one’s attitude about certain things.

I recently bought a walking umbrella because I have never owned one before; I usually carry folding umbrellas because they’re easier to take around. This new Fulton umbrella is nothing fancy. Though they are known to be good quality and durable, I got this particular one because it’s black with very thin fuchsia stripes. If you haven’t yet noticed, those are my colours. I also love how smoothly it opens with the push of a button and is big enough for my tiny frame to hide under it.

So ever since I bought the umbrella, I’ve been eagerly awaiting rainy days just so I can put my umbrella to use. I never used to feel this way about the rain, probably because my flimsy folding umbrella never really did the job. But now with my new umbrella, I feel like I’m well prepared and I even look forward to those rainy days.

Perhaps the only thing that I’m looking forward to more than the rain is a day off. I don’t seem to have enough of those these days. I was off Friday and ended up spending the entire day shopping in Buffalo. Danny and I bought basic things like DVDs, drinks, and shower gels. (And fresh fruits, can’t forget about them fruits LOL) Not much to buy over there right now. Nonetheless, it was a nice getaway for the day. I was probably more excited about coming home though lol

I’m happy to have caught up with Edison on Saturday night. It had been almost 5 months since I last saw him. We went to Asian Legend for dinner and, like always, we ordered too much food :P Nonetheless, it was nice having dinner with the bro.

I’ve spent the last three days working at the store downtown. The only exciting thing that happened today was the filming that was going on in the hotel. I learned that they were filming for the CBC tv series, The Border. It was interesting watching them film :)

Think I’m going to call it a night and go rest in bed with some music. I’ve been hit by the flu or something; my nose has been running uncontrollably for the past 24 hours and it’s making it very difficult to breathe. (Boy, do I wish I had a box of Puffs here right now!) I’ll leave you with a few light tunes that I’m currently listening to. I’m really feeling them these days. (If you have an IMEEM account, log in so you can hear the full length of the songs.)


so much cake

I haven’t written in a few weeks because there’s been a lot going on and I just needed some time to myself, both to rest and to think. My writing never seems to flow well when my thoughts are scattered everywhere in my head. Things are getting a bit better now and I’m finally starting to focus again.

So about two weeks ago, I celebrated my 25th birthday – yes, I am officially a quarter of a century old. My co-workers threw me a “surprise” birthday party/dinner, the kind where I knew the party would be on the Friday night but just didn’t know what we’d be doing or where we’d be going. For a good 3 weeks, they joked about going to a strip club. I must admit we had some really good laughs over that idea and I was almost disappointed we didn’t actually end up going… (NOT! lol)

The surprise turned out to be dinner at a particular Milestones that we all love because there’s a hot manager who works there. I had a feeling we’d be going there but figured I shouldn’t ruin the “surprise”. The manager was there that night and I must’ve totally blushed when he brought over my cake. I was so busy staring at his pretty face while everyone sang Happy Birthday that I didn’t realize there were TWO cakes! Raquel and Mary each bought me one, which was really sweet of them.

I also must thank Anasha for planning everything. It was probably the first time where I wasn’t the one to do all the planning. That actually felt kind of weird lol But I must say it was nice to be taken care of for once.

Anyway, I had an AWESOME time that night. It was great being able to share my bday dinner with some of my closest friends from work. I work with some of the most amazing people. One of my old managers, Carrie, showed up unexpectedly so it was nice seeing her. She brought me a dozen cupcakes from The Cupcake Shoppe!


Being the workaholic that I am, I ended up working on the actual day of my birthday because it was the day of our monthly changeover. Anasha was a real darling and bought me a cake & flowers. I thought it was funny that I never usually get cake for my birthday (because I’m the only one in my family who really eats cake), yet this year I got THREE cakes and a dozen cupcakes! lol I was quite caked out LOL

I worked until midnight and was downtown at the courthouse by 8:30am Monday morning for jury duty. Ugh! How I dreaded jury duty. Long story short, I managed to get out of it with a letter from my employer. I am SO GLAD I didn’t have to spend a week there. Would’ve been a total waste of time.

Because of the Jewish holiday, I’ve been working a lot and have been quite exhausted. There has also been a lot on my mind lately, some being decisions that need to be made and I’m reluctant to do so. The thoughts really drain me but I think when I’m ready to make the decisions, THAT’S when I’ll make them.

crazy for cupcakes

It has been an extremely stressful week. All the time spent sleeping over the long weekend has only put me behind on a number of things and since then it seems like everything has needed my tending to. I have this really bad habit where I bring up sad thoughts when I’m already stressed out. As a result, my thinking completely spiraled out of control (blame the hormones).

I really appreciate all those who’ve shown concern and have shared a caring word or two. It means a lot to me. And to the wonderful girls at 940, I am so thankful to be working with them. It’s great that these girls never pry and are always there to make sure I’m okay (especially if it’s a boy issue), even when they know nothing about the situation. You girls rock!

So stress usually calls for some comfort food. Since I don’t have any chocolate, ice cream or cake at home, I’ve been thinking endlessly about it. This is so sad lol I’ve been wanting to try the cupcakes from Cold Stone Creamery, especially the Double Chocolate Devotion which consists of a Belgian chocolate cup filled with a layer of moist Devils Food Cake, Fudge, and Chocolate Ice Cream. Did I mention it’s topped with fluffy white icing and an OREO cookie?! Mmmmm…it sounds sooooooo good! (For those who don’t know, I’m CRAZY about cupcakes!!)

Anyway, I’ve been watching a bunch of movies lately and have been meaning to do a review, but I’m totally exhausted right now. How about tomorrow?

it’s the long weekend and i’m home in bed…

Have you ever been so exhausted that you feel as though you’re on the verge of dying because your body is so tired that it completely shuts down and your mind just can’t focus on anything? It’s a real awful feeling. And that’s how I’ve been feeling the past 4 days. Needless to say, I’m spending this long weekend recovering from exhaustion.

What was supposed to be a night out on Thursday turned into a night spent in bed. I was quite disappointed about not making it to the Drake for Paul’s gig, but it probably wouldn’t have been such a great idea if I had dragged myself there anyway. I do miss hanging out with Adrienne and Danny though. I saw them pretty much once every week through July and August, so it’s a bit strange these days when I don’t see them for more than 2 weeks. All three of us are the only child in our families. Theory is that when you’re an only child, your friends become your family. That particularly seems to be the case with Adri and Danny; they’re like a brother and sister to me.

Anyway, I do have one piece of good news to share. I finally got my mark for the Event Planning course I took and it’s an A+ baby!! Besides that one course I decided not to finish and accept an F for, I’ve managed to get an A in all my Travel courses. At least that’s ONE thing that calls for celebration :)