road trip 2009!

What a long weekend!  …or should I say, What a LONG long weekend! lol  I’m in dire need of some quality sleep to make up for the lack of it these days. I had about three hours of sleep before our road trip on Sunday. Needless to say, I was pretty pooped by the time we hit the road.

Danny picked me up at about 7am that morning. After we picked up Adrienne, we made a few pit-stops downtown for gas, Starbucks, and Timmies before officially starting our journey. Sure enough, it started raining as soon as we left the city. Our first stop was in Niagara Falls for breakfast at Denny’s.

Danny and I had been craving Denny’s breakfast since the last time we had it in ‘Sauga after Paul’s gig. (I secretly don’t think it’s possible to ever get a real Denny’s fix; it’s too addictive lol) While Danny had the Heartland Scramble, I tried the Meat Lover’s Scramble, and Adrienne had the…errr, SENIOR Breakfast hahaha The look on our waiter’s face was priceless when he set down the “senior” meal in front Adrienne. I think he was a little bit confused lol

By the time we finished breakfast, it had stopped raining and the sun had came out. The weather was beautiful and it pretty much remained that way for the rest of the day. The drive to Buffalo was enjoyable (I love riding long distance!). Adri was so tired she fell asleep in the car. We were lucky to have Mr. Solo driving; not only did he make sure his passengers were comfortable throughout the ride, he also always had good music playing.

Our first stop was at the Fashion Outlets. There really wasn’t anything good to buy there. We were pretty much out of there in an hour. Then we were back in the car to head over to Walden Galleria. Adrienne fell asleep again as soon as we got in the car. Boy was she tired! :p

We were lucky we weren’t traveling in the opposite direction on the freeway. There was an accident on the bridge and the two-lane road was completely backlogged. The length of the traffic jam was equivalent to us driving 8 minutes in the opposite direction. You can imagine how long those guys had to sit and wait, not knowing what happened up ahead.

Shopping at Walden was alright, not much to buy either. We spent the remainder of the day there and only ended up finishing the bottom level. Dinner was between The Cheesecake Factory or the Melting Pot. We ended up at the CF because it had a larger menu.

The food was yummy, but we had the dumbest waiter around. He messed up on something every time he came by. Besides the poor service of our waiter and the fact that Adrienne and I just about froze to death sitting under the AC vent, we had a good time there. We just sat and chatted until about 10:45pm. After we left the restaurant, I suggested we take a long walk around the mall. I love the feeling of walking through an empty mall when everything has closed and the lights have dimmed. We played with gum ball machines, danced to music that played from inside stores, and Adrienne even tried sitting in the little “mall racer” carts lol It was fun! :)

Danny’s car was the only car left in the lot when we finally made it outside. We just hung around chatting under the parking lot lights until Danny decided to take a nap before hitting the road. Adrienne and I couldn’t stop laughing at Danny’s getup; he tried to sleep in the back seat with a sweater around his neck as a pillow and sunglasses on to keep the lights out of his eyes. He looked like he was tanning in the dark! lol It was hilarious!! While Danny and Adrienne took an hour nap, I just sat in the car and enjoyed an hour of peace and quiet. I watched the clouds float across the night sky and it was interesting to see it turn from cloudy to completely clear skies.

It was about 2am when we hit the road again. We stopped by Duty-free on our way back and Adrienne got to make out with Jack Daniel there LOL ;) It was 5:30am when Danny dropped me home. I was extremely tired but the sun had begun to rise, so I stayed up to watch the sunrise for a little bit before I crawled into bed at 6am.

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