summer heat 2k9

I’m about a week behind with this re-cap due to technical issues. My site and blog was down for practically two days, which left me suspended here. Hopefully that’s it for the server problems this week.

So exactly a week ago, Danny and I hit up Summer Heat 2k9. We planned to be at Ricoh Coliseum by late afternoon that day, but due to a power outage in Danny’s ‘hood we didn’t end up downtown until almost 6pm. Luckily for us, there wasn’t a line up when we got there, so we took a quick turn to Union Station to pick up pizza at Pizza 2 Go before heading back to Ricoh. (If you haven’t yet tried their pizza, I strongly suggest you try it.)

We grabbed a few bites of the pizza in the car before we headed to the entrance, only to find that a huge line up had already formed. After waiting in line for a few minutes, a security guy came and asked if any of us in line had floor tickets. When we told him we did, he said we were in the wrong line! There turned out to be a separate line, and (surprise!) there was no line up for those with floor tickets :)

The venue was pretty empty when we first got inside. Local artists performed while people slowly filled the arena. Kevin Rudolf and his band was the first to hit the stage, followed by Jazmine Sullivan. She started her set with one of my favourites – “Bust Your Windows”.

Flo Rida worked the stage and had everyone singing to “Sugar”. Then he had 7 girls up on stage dancing with him to “Low” and was literally in the crowd throwing away signed towels for “Right Round”. What an entertainer!

Ahhh, finally…our beloved Keri Hilson, who totally ROCKED it! I admit I wasn’t really expecting THAT great a performance from her. Boy did she WOW me! I mean, sure…I love her music and will go to great lengths to see her in person, but I honestly wasn’t expecting her set to be so well performed. Her choreographed routines were amazing, especially for “Slow Dance”. I think Danny almost collapsed watching it because it was just that HOT! lol (Check out the video here) I also think he was extremely jealous of the male dancer who got to rub his bod up to Keri’s haha

Last but not least, there was T-Pain. We didn’t end up staying through T-Pain’s set because we wanted to leave early in order to get ourselves changed and ready for more Keri at Maro. So after his second song, we left. We stopped at Danny’s work to use their washrooms as our change rooms. Unfortunately, when we were ready to leave his office building, it had started pouring outside. It was a good thing I had an umbrella in my bag; we were only semi-soaked by the time we made it back to his car.

So we arrived at Maro shortly after 11pm. When I walked in and saw that the place was barely empty, a bad feeling crept up on me. I thought it was rather strange for it to be THAT quiet in a club where Keri Hilson’s after party was expected to be held. But whatever, we hung around. It wasn’t until almost 1am when we realized A LOT of people had left. At that point we knew this after party was a total flop. Thanks to Twitter, we got Keri’s tweet and found out they had moved the after party to Century (probably because no one showed up at Maro).

We didn’t end up at Century in the end and just called it a night. It had been a long day, but at least we got to see our Keri :)

time for a quickie

So even though I feel extremely tired right now, I thought I should at least do a quick update before I head to bed. Somehow, I have managed to pull through another busy week. And (YAY!) I’m still in one piece =)

I’ve mainly been busy with school this week because I had two assignments due tonight; one research assignment and one group project. Initially, our group was assigned to create an event for a new club opening. I was REALLY excited about it too, but unfortunately we got a new teacher and she changed our assignment topic. We ended up having to put together a one-day event for a product launch in Yukon, so our group chose the GMC “Yukon” as our product. I was responsible for the entertainment of the evening gala, as well as the production schedule. (Much thanks to Danny for helping me put that together!)

Things have been a bit of a mess this semester considering we got a new teacher literally just three weeks ago. Tonight was already our last class before the final exam. No one knew exactly what happened to our original teacher, but it didn’t really matter either since she never really taught us anything. In the 3 classes we’ve had with this new teacher, she’s already brought in two guest speakers who were very knowledgeable and informative. She also scheduled a site inspection at the Hilton Suites this week for us (out of class hours!). She’s totally awesome!

I’ll do my re-cap of the concert later this week. Before I doze off though, I just wanted to write about the wonderful experience I had today. I was at the corner of my street waiting for the lights to turn so that I could cross to the bus stop on the other side. I watched as the bus made its way down the street toward me, and I thought to myself…”This light is never going to turn in time for me to cross the street to catch that bus.” Sure enough, I watched from the other side of the street as the bus continued right pass my bus stop. But strangely enough, just as the bus drove past the traffic lights, it slowed down and stopped! When the lights finally turned green, I ran across the street. I didn’t stop running until I reached the doors of the bus, which the driver had already opened for me. He actually stopped the bus in the middle of the street to wait for me!! I thought that was REALLY nice of the bus driver, especially when I was just standing quietly on the other side of the road. It wasn’t like I was waving my arms franticly to stop him. So yeah, I thanked him when I got on the bus and again when I got off. It goes to show there ARE nice bus drivers in this world. You just don’t always come across them, that’s all! ;)

the Keri madness has begun!

Really…if it wasn’t for Keri Hilson, I’d be home for three days straight trucking away on my two assignments that are due next Monday. But of course, since our beloved MissKeriBaby is in town, she’s priority lol

In case you haven’t already noticed, I’ve grown to become quite a Keri fan this summer. I started listening to her music after I came back from my trip and really enjoyed it. I love that she is so talented as both a singer and songwriter, yet she is so humble. She’s also very classy, and I find her and her music to be quite an inspiration. That’s why when Danny told me she was coming to town, I knew I wasn’t going to miss out on seeing her live.

Danny and I got tickets for today’s MOD (Much on Demand) just to see Keri. *Watch the episode here. It was important for us to be there because it’s her first appearance in Toronto and on MuchMusic Canada, so that was extra special. It was our first time on MOD so we didn’t really know what to expect. Now we know what it feels like to sit in a room full of teenage kids…you feel OLD! lol Nonetheless, it was a good experience and I had a great time. We were fortunate enough to have one of the best seats in the house – front row baby! And Keri looked lovely in person :)

I thought it was pretty funny when Vanesa texted me at 5:15pm to say, “Danny’s on tv right now! In the audience on MuchMusic! lol” So I texted her back…”Yeah, I know. I’m sitting right next to him LOL”

Anyway, tomorrow is Day 2 of the Keri madness. We’ve got tickets for Summer Heat 2k9, AND we’re headed for the Official Concert Afterparty @ Maro (Keri will be performing there as well). I’m sure it’s going to be a long day, but it’ll be well worth it for our girl ;)

before i jump-start a busy week…

Alright, I gotta make this quick tonight. I’ve got a lot to get around to in the next 168 hours, and I’m determined to pull it off with nothing but grace =)

I guess I’ll start off re-capping the weekend. Friday was a pretty mellow day. I met up with Adrienne late in the afternoon for some window shopping in the PATH since it was pretty gloomy out. When we got to the Royal York, we changed into our dresses and just hung around taking pictures. Unfortunately, we didn’t come out with many good pictures because the lighting was pretty bad in there.

We had reservations at Canyon Creek for Summerlicious with Danny, so Adrienne and I met up with him there. It was my first time at CC, and now I understand why everyone loves it there. The prime rib that we had was really yummy!! I can’t wait to go back for more. After dinner, we walked over to Milestones for drinks. We just ended up spending the rest of the night chilling there until after they closed. I’d post some of the silly pictures we took, but Danny still owes me the pictures from his camera :p

I was pretty exhausted when I went to work on Saturday. As you’ve probably read from my previous post, I had to deal with the issue of the quick change scam. The incident happened 40 minutes before I closed, so by the time I contacted the police it was already pass the time I was supposed to get off work. I spoke to a detective over the phone and, after hearing my story, he determined it was necessary that an officer come in to speak with me in order to have it on record.

So basically I sat around at work waiting until 9:30pm. At that point, I called again to see if they could give me another estimate on how much longer I’d have to wait. Luckily, the girl on the phone was nice enough to tell me she really didn’t think they were going to get to me that night because there were still 7 calls pending ahead of me, with the one in priority already having waited 10 hours. And of course, any emergency calls that came in would take priority. I decided to call it a night and she suggested I call again next week.

Just as I was about to leave the store at 10pm, a regular customer of ours came knocking on the door and insisted on coming in to have a look around. I thought, “What the hell, I’ve already hung around for so long. What’s another few minutes at this point?” Go figure…I ended up making a $800 sale!! Then when I tried to leave again, another customer came in! I ended up leaving the store at 11:45pm and didn’t get around to eating until almost 1:30am. It had been 14 hours since I last ate. All I had to drink that day was a large cup of tea and half a bottle of water. Believe me, even for a workaholic like me I’d have to say that was one of the longest days I’ve had at work.

It started out like any other day at work…until they came in.

Today, I succumbed to my first case of the professional scam artist. I have heard about them many times before, how they come in twos or threes to distract you so they can steal. I just never thought I would ever let it happen on my clock.

They were quick. The woman kept distracting me and kept asking questions as I was trying to ring up the man’s purchase. Next thing I knew they were walking out with $80 change when they never actually paid me. This was where the cursing began.

From the moment they walked in, I had a hunch that something wasn’t right. At one point I even tried to stop the woman from talking while the man rambled on. I tried to stay focused, but as if they had me hypnotized I fell into their curse and became utterly confused. It wasn’t until they had rushed out of my store that I realized they had scammed me.

I never thought it would happen to me. I thought I would be able to handle them much better than that. I guess not.

This incident taught me a lesson. For everything that you think can’t or won’t happen to you, know that it can or it may. Because in life, anything can happen to anyone. However good or bad it may be.

an awesome second week

Wow, am I ever exhausted!

It’s been incredibly difficult for me to maintain consistency with my blogging lately. At least not quite as consistently as I had hoped. I’m beginning to feel a bit worn out from all these summer activities, but I guess a few nights of quality sleep should do the trick. Besides the need to catch up on some much needed rest, I’m really enjoying the summer so far and making every effort to make the most of it this year. It’s all or nothing, so I’m just going to have fun and enjoy it while I can.

I had another awesome day out on Friday with Adrienne. We spent the beginning of our afternoon at the St. Lawrence Market, one of my favourite places to go wandering at. There was a small store there that served Italian dishes, so of course Adri and I couldn’t pass on the chance to give them a try. If it wasn’t for the fact that we had dinner reservations, I would’ve wanted to try the infamous peameal bacon sandwich at the market. I guess I’ll have to save that for next time ;)

Then Adrienne and I walked down to the Distillery District. Go figure – I was born and raised in this city yet it was my first ever visit to the Distillery! There wasn’t much going on but we did enjoy a nice bowl of fresh watermelon on a patio while we were there. After the Distillery, we took a nice walk along The Esplanade and just had fun taking pictures. By 6pm, we had arrived at the Westin Harbour Castle, changed our outfits, and were ready for dinner.

We had been looking forward to Summerlicious at Toula for weeks. It was a good thing we had reservations because they turned out to be quite busy, and for good reason too. The service was great, the atmosphere was wonderful, and the food was superb.  We also had an awesome view of the city to go along with our dinner.

Danny had invited us to his friend’s gig in ‘sauga, so he came to pick us up after dinner. We met Danny’s friend, Paul, in the parking lot. Paul goes by the alias, The iDC (short for The Identity Crisis). He’s a cool guy who’s very talented; his stuff is quite different. Check out his music online!

After Paul’s set, we just hung around and chatted. When we all started to feel hungry, we decided to hit up Denny’s for an early/late-night breakfast (whatever breakfast is called at 2:30 in the morning! lol). That’s the wonderful thing about Mississauga – they have a Denny’s in town! Why doesn’t Toronto have one yet?  Booooo…  I was rather satisfied with my Heartland Scrambled breakfast. Adrienne, on the other hand, was adventurous enough to give the “Creamy Grits” a try alongside her order of oatmeal. It was funny when her meal came – on this huge plate were two small bowls (one with the grits and the other with oatmeal).  If you didn’t look carefully enough, you would’ve totally missed the two small strips of bacon and sausages :p

Overall, I had a good time and I’m looking forward to more of it in the next 3 weeks!

dates with girl friends are the best

1) Because you already know you enjoy each other’s company.
2) Because you can get all dressed up just for the hell of it and not worry about having to impress your date.
3) Because you don’t get those awkward moments of silence and you don’t get frustrated after the date wondering when and if they’re going to call :p

* * *
haha Seriously now, I did spend an awesome two days out and about with one of my favourite girls last week.  Adrienne and I had tickets to see Jersey Boys on Thursday, which turned out to be an awesome show.  Even though I had gotten the tickets on promotion, our first row dress circle seats were great and we didn’t have to look between heads lol  I didn’t exactly grow up listening to The Four Seasons, but I’ve always loved songs like “Big Girls Don’t Cry” and “Walk Like a Man”. They’re pretty much classics. And by the time we left, I couldn’t get “Sherrrry” out of my head ;)

It had been a while since I last saw a live performance. Okay, that was a lie. My last live show was one that I saw in China, which could’ve easily been the most impressive show I’ve seen to date. It was called “The Romance of the Song Dynasty” (宋城千古情). I’ll tell you guys all about it in a later post.

Anyway, so after Jersey Boys on Thursday, Adrienne and I stopped at Ten Ren’s for a drink. We tried their Strawberry Banana Green Tea Waffle which didn’t taste like green tea at all. It was still yummy though =) Since it was pretty early, we went for a walk around Mel Lastman Square and did some exploring before dinner. Then I took Adrienne to Mezza Notte, one of my favourite Italian restaurants in the city.

Friday was just about as eventful. We started the day with some patio time over lunch at Jack Astor’s. After soaking in some sunshine we walked over to Nathan Philips Square to check out the Jazz Festival. We each got a peanut covered chocolate dipped ice cream there, and who would’ve known we’d make such a mess! The ice cream kept melting before we got to finish it and pretty much half of mine ended up on the ground. I had never laughed so hard over eating ice cream :p

Adrienne and I walked up University to Yorkville, where we had reservations at Vaticano for dinner. It was our first of 3 Summerlicious dates =) The food was exceptionally well prepared, though the service wasn’t quite as good as I expected. I loved their Tiramisu!!!

So after dinner, we decided to wander around the entertainment district. We settled down at Milestones for drinks and ended up having a really good time there. We had an awesome bartender who made sure we were well taken care of and that we were never left thirsty. It was a great wrap up to a fantastic two days.