retail therapy 2009

Let me start off on a good note. I’ve verified my mark for the Travel Geography II course I took last semester. Sure enough I got an A :D I also got an F for the other course I chose not to finish, but that was expected so no surprises there. With four A+ and two A’s under my belt, I’m really not too concerned. With only two courses left to go, I’ve decided to pace myself in order to prevent another episode of unmanageable stress. I plan to take one course this semester, which happens to be a 7-hour (one day) course. So technically, I’m not really in school this semester. I’ll have these first few months of the year to relax and rejuvenate myself. Sweet!

My order from Victoria’s Secret arrived earlier this week, sooner than expected. It wasn’t supposed to arrive until January 19th, and I was really hoping it would take that long so I’d have something to look forward to. I started thinking about getting a Nintendo DS again; I wanted to get one two years ago, but when I wasn’t able to hunt down a white one I decided it wasn’t meant to be and gave up on the idea. Now that I’m considering it again, it’s practically impossible to get one in white. I’m a little sad that I won’t be able to get one to match my Macbook, but I might just have to settle with the metallic rose colour. At least it’ll match my cell :P

I’ve been looking around for a new wallet and new keyring. Haven’t come across anything special yet, but there are a few options. There’s the Charm Keyring by Links of London that’s kind of pretty (pictured above), as well as a few cute ones from Tiffany’s. I’m just not too crazy about any of them. My old one was like this one except it had a piece of a puzzle instead of a heart. It broke about half a year ago when I had trouble opening the door at work, and then I broke another keychain trying to open that same door! Now that the door has been fixed, I’m thinking it’s time I get a new keyring for my keys.

I really miss being out, shopping and going out for dinner. The winter makes me such a hermit, and I spend so much time in bed watching movies that it’s sickening. I’ve been indulging myself in chocolate and ice cream this past week. This used to cheer me up, but it seems to have lost its effect at this point. Maybe I need to try something new.

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