Happy CNY!

Happy Chinese New Year!!! I wish everyone a prosperous year and good health.

First off, I cut my hair. It feels short, but it’s not short. Just shorter. It’s kind of an in-between length now, and I’m not sure how I feel about it. Part of it was me being spontaneous, the other part of me desperately wanted a change. So this is the outcome.

I’ve spent the last 7 days working. It didn’t feel like anything really, but now that I have some time to relax it’s beginning to catch up to me. Honestly though, this is not even close to what it was like last semester (when I was taking courses as well). I feel like I have so much time these days that I’m beginning to run out of ideas on how to spend my time. Watching movies in bed is always relaxing, but I’ve already watched 20 movies over the past 3 weeks. I’m running out of good chick flicks to watch.

So after work on Friday, I had some time to spare before Mel’s farewell. I went to Fairview to do some shopping and ended up buying a new coat. It’s a beautiful belted wool coat from Aritzia – more accurately, it’s from their in-house brand called Wilfred. It’s perfect! I’ve actually had my eye on it for about 3 years but was never willing to fork out the money to get it. When I saw it this time and it was the only and last XXS that they had, I knew it had to be mine. Needless to say, I’m very happy with this purchase :)

Mel’s moving out of the city to London. We had a small get-together at Milestones with some old Chapters’ people, just to catch up and stuff. I had their seasonal special steak with shrimp and to my surprise, it was actually really good! It had been years since I last dined at Milestones because they used to have a horrible menu. After that steak, I think my opinion of the restaurant has changed. I’d definitely give it another go sometime.

Saturday was my dad’s Chinese birthday. I was summoned home for dinner that night, having to miss out on dinner with Kevin and Winnie while they were back in town from New York. After work on Sunday, my family went over to my uncle’s for the annual New Year Eve’s dinner. It was a small family dinner this year (although there was plenty of food). I had a talk with my aunt after dinner and was sad to know that she was still quite depressed from losing Mr. Leung last April. I wish there was more I could do for her. My cousin’s younger son, Vincent, is now 4 years old. Wow, time is just flying by. Vincent is super cute and smart. I had a good time playing with him and just watching him. I can see him grow up as a really good and caring person.

And that’s what I love about family get-togethers; being able to see how everyone is doing, watching kids grow up, spending time together as a family. Of course, there’s having to dodge the questions of “Where’s the boyfriend?” and “When are you getting married?”. If there ever comes a day when I actually have someone special, I think I’d really like for him to meet my family. Maybe. I dunno.

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retail therapy 2009

Let me start off on a good note. I’ve verified my mark for the Travel Geography II course I took last semester. Sure enough I got an A :D I also got an F for the other course I chose not to finish, but that was expected so no surprises there. With four A+ and two A’s under my belt, I’m really not too concerned. With only two courses left to go, I’ve decided to pace myself in order to prevent another episode of unmanageable stress. I plan to take one course this semester, which happens to be a 7-hour (one day) course. So technically, I’m not really in school this semester. I’ll have these first few months of the year to relax and rejuvenate myself. Sweet!

My order from Victoria’s Secret arrived earlier this week, sooner than expected. It wasn’t supposed to arrive until January 19th, and I was really hoping it would take that long so I’d have something to look forward to. I started thinking about getting a Nintendo DS again; I wanted to get one two years ago, but when I wasn’t able to hunt down a white one I decided it wasn’t meant to be and gave up on the idea. Now that I’m considering it again, it’s practically impossible to get one in white. I’m a little sad that I won’t be able to get one to match my Macbook, but I might just have to settle with the metallic rose colour. At least it’ll match my cell :P

I’ve been looking around for a new wallet and new keyring. Haven’t come across anything special yet, but there are a few options. There’s the Charm Keyring by Links of London that’s kind of pretty (pictured above), as well as a few cute ones from Tiffany’s. I’m just not too crazy about any of them. My old one was like this one except it had a piece of a puzzle instead of a heart. It broke about half a year ago when I had trouble opening the door at work, and then I broke another keychain trying to open that same door! Now that the door has been fixed, I’m thinking it’s time I get a new keyring for my keys.

I really miss being out, shopping and going out for dinner. The winter makes me such a hermit, and I spend so much time in bed watching movies that it’s sickening. I’ve been indulging myself in chocolate and ice cream this past week. This used to cheer me up, but it seems to have lost its effect at this point. Maybe I need to try something new.

wrapping up 2008

Happy New Year!!!

Finally, it’s here! I’ve been waiting eagerly for the new year to begin. 2008 saw too many ups and downs. Here’s hoping that 2009 will be an awesome year.

The last few days of my December were pretty busy. It consisted of work, seeing family, and hanging out with friends.

[ Sunday, December 28, 2008 ]

Edison called me up for lunch that morning, and since we both wanted to do some shopping we decided to go to Yorkdale. We had lunch at Moxies; the Open Faced Tuscan Chicken Sandwich and Tandoori Wild Salmon Salad were actually pretty good. I’d recommend it. As far as shopping went, I picked up a cute white Coach handbag at Holts. Otherwise known as the New Penelope Leather Shopper, I think it’s cute and different from the typical Coach design.

[ Monday, December 29, 2008 ]

Somehow, I managed to see a lot of people on Monday. I hung out with Dave at Starbucks during my break at work, and then Georgia & Susie surprised me by showing up unexpectedly. I was practically speechless when I saw them because I wasn’t expecting to see Georgia until Wednesday. And then after work, right before I had to rush off to a family dinner, I ran into George at Chapters.

It was a nice dinner with my parents, aunts, uncles, and my cousin Lisa. I think it’s becoming tradition for our family to get together for dinner once a year, although both Lisa and I think the family should get together more often. We had a good conversation with my uncle Bill about how to be happy. He’s the happy-go-lucky type. I could really learn from him.

[ Tuesday, December 30, 2008 ]

After work on Tuesday, I met up with Omar and we went to his place so that I could finally write on his wall (the wall that he’s actually built for himself). When I was done, we went over to Moxies @ Fairview for dinner. Georgia joined us for dessert later. Then we went back to Omar’s so Georgia could write on his wall. Let’s just say there was a lot of laughing involved :P

[ Wednesday, December 31, 2008 ]

New Years Eve started out with Georgia and Omar picking me up at about noon. First, we went to Pacific Mall so they could buy movies. Georgia ended up with 16 movies and 3 seasons of tv shows; that will definitely keep her entertained in Madrid. Omar, on the other hand, only came home with 5 movies (what a disappointment!), and I with only 3.

Then we went to the BestBuy at Scarborough Town Centre to bring in Georgia’s laptop for repairs. She found out her laptop was recalled and had to be sent in. Considering she was leaving to go back to Madrid on Saturday, that proposed a problem. Long story short, we dropped Omar off and while we drove downtown to meet up with Susie & Dan, I was on the phone holding trying to get through to HP. We were a block away from Eaton Centre when someone finally picked up on the other end, but of course he was the stupidest dude ever. The guy was helpless so Georgia decided to deal with her laptop later.

We met up with Susie & Dan at Eaton Centre. The three of us escorted Georgia on her hunt for souvenirs (to bring back to her friends in Madrid). By the time we were done, it was pretty much time for Susie to catch her bus back to Waterloo. We parted ways, with Georgia and I back uptown at about 4:30pm. Georgia really wanted a hamburger during her stay in Toronto (because apparently in Spain hamburgers are made from pork instead of beef, and they aren’t any good). So she took me to Johnny Anderson’s to pick up burgers. We took them back to her house, and boy were they tasty!

When we were done our burgers, I watched Georgia make her infamous no-bake cheesecake. Then we watched the Accidental Husband just to get some down time. After the movie, we hung out chatting and Georgia showed me all the stuff she was bringing back to Spain with her. It was about 9:00pm when we enjoyed dinner with her family; the food was great, Georgia’s mom is such a good cook. Her parents were so nice!

Georgia’s cousin Joanna came over when we were just about finished eating. She is perhaps the most perky girl I’ve ever met (and I mean that in a good way). After dinner, Georgia’s parents retired and left the three of us to invade the living room. We popped in Yes Man but we ended up not watching it at all. The three girls just sat around and talked. After ringing in the new year, we just relaxed in front of the tv and watched the marathon of “The Girls Next Door”.

It was a quiet but enjoyable night. And that’s how my new year began.