i’d rather be there…

Last night was one of the roughest nights I’ve had in a long time. I started feeling sick around midnight, and after throwing up I started having major abdominal pains. I’m used to having frequent stomach pains due to my irregular eating habits, but this time it felt unusual and it was right above the stomach. The pain was so consistent that I couldn’t even try to sleep it off. Needless to say, I suffered with it until almost 5:30am. I think that was the last time I checked the time. I remember thinking to myself that if the pain of going through labour is 10x worse than that, then I refuse to go through it at all!

Anyway, now that I’m feeling better, I wanted to share this with you guys. I was researching for my assignment this weekend when I came across this Sandals Resort in Antigua. I have fallen in love with it since. I’m sure there are many more beautiful places around the world, but for the moment this is where I’m wishing I was. This particular Sandals Resort has been voted as the World’s Leading Honeymoon Resort. From looking at the pictures, it’s no wonder they’ve held that title for four years in a row. I’d love to be a guest there one day. Just picture relaxing by the pool or having a nice fancy lunch while watching the waves.

Okay, so this is the only time you’ll ever hear me say this: who’s going to find me my millionaire husband?! hahaha Jokes aside, visit their photo gallery for pictures.

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