Thanks to Vanesa for dragging me out last Monday, I actually ended up having a good time at Circa. I had initially planned to go, but after a long day at work I was feeling exhausted and didn’t want to make my way downtown. Nonetheless, I’m glad I went. I really needed a night out to have fun and enjoy good company.

When we arrived, the lineup was crazy long (it wrapped all the way around Hooters). We were pretty lucky to cut the line by more than half and only had to wait about 20 minutes. Right behind us was a girl sitting on the ground who was completely out. She was leaning against the leg of another girl, her head dropped into her chest, her legs sprawled out. Let’s just say I would’ve thought she was dead. In front of her was this pool of red vomit that looked utterly gory. What boggled my mind was the fact that her two friends just stood there. When people asked if the girl was okay, the friends just said…”Yeah, I think help’s on the way.” I kind of felt bad for that girl. It reminded me of that time when I lost my vision in the middle of the street and how blessed I was to have friends who took well care of me.

How we ever found Edison and Dennis, I don’t know. But we did and we had fun dancing. They’re hilarious after a few drinks. I also ran into Adrienne and her crew; it was so nice seeing her! Vanesa and I spent most of the night dancing and avoiding freaks from grinding up against us. I thought it was kind of funny when some guy asked Vanesa if she was Russian lol And then some other guy told me to “Smile a little, why don’t you?” Clearly that guy does not understand my theory. There are times when you simply can not smile because if you do and you accidentally make eye contact with a guy, he instantly thinks you’re interested and it’s okay to dance with you. Yeah, no!! I learned that lesson years ago.

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