crazy for the jabbawockeez

In less than a week the Jabbawockeez will be rockin’ it at Guvernment, and yours truly will definitely be there. After waiting 4 weeks for the event, I am going to be super excited to see them! Well, that’s only if Phi’s there. If he doesn’t show up, then I’ll just be excited. :P

Jabbawockeez @ Guvernment Friday, July 25

Phi is definitely my favourite out of all the Jabbawockeez. I really like the detail that he puts into his dancing; that extra turn of the wrist or wiggling of the fingers just sets him apart. Watch the clip below and pay attention to 7:31 where they’re doing the Red Pill. That’s a close up of Phi; see how he turns his wrist as he’s extending his arm? None of the other guys does that (you’d have to watch other video clips to compare), but I think that one little detail makes the execution of that move just THAT much better.

It’s especially hard for me to NOT single Phi out when watching their performances because his moves are so precise and distinct. Besides his crazy attention to detail (maybe because he’s a Virgo), his moves are always very clean and flawless. One of my favourite Phistyles videos is him dancing to Sarah McLachlan’s Possession (see below). He is also very good at miming, which just makes watching him that much more fun.

I love Phi’s choreography for Apologize. I’m so glad they used it to compete on ABDC. It was probably one of my favourite episodes.

One of my favourite Phi solo’s is at the end of this set where he dances to Lovestoned. Oh, Phi!!

It’s hilarious watching this interview of the Jabbwawockeez. I love it when Phi says, “My only real job I’ve ever had was working at Gap Kids” and then his face cringes!! hahaha I repeatedly watch his facial expression just to get a laugh.

So yes, I’m a total Jabbaholic who spends endless hours on YouTube studying…errrrr, watching videos of them. Bite me :P

i’d rather be there…

Last night was one of the roughest nights I’ve had in a long time. I started feeling sick around midnight, and after throwing up I started having major abdominal pains. I’m used to having frequent stomach pains due to my irregular eating habits, but this time it felt unusual and it was right above the stomach. The pain was so consistent that I couldn’t even try to sleep it off. Needless to say, I suffered with it until almost 5:30am. I think that was the last time I checked the time. I remember thinking to myself that if the pain of going through labour is 10x worse than that, then I refuse to go through it at all!

Anyway, now that I’m feeling better, I wanted to share this with you guys. I was researching for my assignment this weekend when I came across this Sandals Resort in Antigua. I have fallen in love with it since. I’m sure there are many more beautiful places around the world, but for the moment this is where I’m wishing I was. This particular Sandals Resort has been voted as the World’s Leading Honeymoon Resort. From looking at the pictures, it’s no wonder they’ve held that title for four years in a row. I’d love to be a guest there one day. Just picture relaxing by the pool or having a nice fancy lunch while watching the waves.

Okay, so this is the only time you’ll ever hear me say this: who’s going to find me my millionaire husband?! hahaha Jokes aside, visit their photo gallery for pictures.

abdc s2 week 4

I felt a little bit better about this week’s performances than I did last week. Again, none of them really “WOW”ed me, but they were alright. I find the crews this season to be inconsistent, unlike the Jabbawockeez and Kaba Modern of last season who were constantly performing at a high level.

I’d have to say, A.S.I.I.D. really shaped up this week. Their performance was good. I liked how they used ballet in it; it’s a nice twist. Honestly though, the slow part of the song wasn’t really that slow so they had a bit of an advantage there. But nonetheless, I liked it.

I totally agree with J.C. on how Fanny Pak mastered the fast part. They were the only crew to really have a solid transition. I loved the beginning of the fast part, not so much the end of it.

It’s too bad Super Cr3w always seems to lack dancing in their routines. I really liked the beginning but as it got faster in the end, they didn’t really punish it which was kind of disappointing.

Same with SoReal Cru. Absolutely LOVED their slow part, especially the leg thing at 0:58. But the fast part was not nearly fast enough. I think they’ll do really well with Janet’s “I Get Lonely” next week.

ABDC Season 2 Episode 3

This post should have been up earlier in the week, but I just never got around to it. So far, I’ve managed to follow most of this season’s America’s Best Dance Crew. None of the crews this season strike me as being really really good (and I’m being completely unbiased here, despite being a huge Jabbawockeez fan).

Here’s my thoughts on some of the performances of episode 3:

Super Cr3w was much better than I expected them to be. I thought their performance was the best this week. It’s true that this crew lacks solid choreography, but their performance this week had more than enough stunts to make up for it. I loved the air flares (as Shane calls it) at the beginning, the airplane concept at the end, and “ballin'” thing where they made it rain. For the most part, I think they did well this week.

I liked most of the choreography from SoReal Cru‘s number. I agree with both JC and Shane; they never left the snake concept, which I thought was important. There were times when they reminded me of Kaba Modern though (like when they moved in the hood).

I liked the hotel idea that Supreme Soul used. It was fun! And the spiral out to get the luggage was cool too. The choreography was okay, wasn’t very interesting or difficult, but I’d give it a passing mark. One of the guys from the crew kinda looks like someone I know, so every time I watch them I think of him lol

Boogie Bots‘ transformer thing at the end was neat too. Besides that, none of the other crews really gave a satisfying performance. I completely agree with Lil Mama, A.S.I.I.D was plain sloppy and a real disappointment.

I just finished watching episode 4, so review will come soon…hopefully :)


Thanks to Vanesa for dragging me out last Monday, I actually ended up having a good time at Circa. I had initially planned to go, but after a long day at work I was feeling exhausted and didn’t want to make my way downtown. Nonetheless, I’m glad I went. I really needed a night out to have fun and enjoy good company.

When we arrived, the lineup was crazy long (it wrapped all the way around Hooters). We were pretty lucky to cut the line by more than half and only had to wait about 20 minutes. Right behind us was a girl sitting on the ground who was completely out. She was leaning against the leg of another girl, her head dropped into her chest, her legs sprawled out. Let’s just say I would’ve thought she was dead. In front of her was this pool of red vomit that looked utterly gory. What boggled my mind was the fact that her two friends just stood there. When people asked if the girl was okay, the friends just said…”Yeah, I think help’s on the way.” I kind of felt bad for that girl. It reminded me of that time when I lost my vision in the middle of the street and how blessed I was to have friends who took well care of me.

How we ever found Edison and Dennis, I don’t know. But we did and we had fun dancing. They’re hilarious after a few drinks. I also ran into Adrienne and her crew; it was so nice seeing her! Vanesa and I spent most of the night dancing and avoiding freaks from grinding up against us. I thought it was kind of funny when some guy asked Vanesa if she was Russian lol And then some other guy told me to “Smile a little, why don’t you?” Clearly that guy does not understand my theory. There are times when you simply can not smile because if you do and you accidentally make eye contact with a guy, he instantly thinks you’re interested and it’s okay to dance with you. Yeah, no!! I learned that lesson years ago.