another month gone by…

I’ll admit I’ve been pretty lazy about updating the blog recently. I guess that’s in part due to how occupied I’ve been. We’ve got a lot to catch up on!

[ Fri, Apr 25 ] – First Jogging Night of the Year

Vanesa came over that evening so we could work out together. We had a good time doing our stretches and ballet exercises, followed by a jog afterward. The weather hasn’t been cooperating since then and we haven’t found time to work out again, but I’m really hoping to spend more time with the bestest this summer when it gets warmer out.

[ Sat, Apr 26 – Sun, Apr 27 ] – TTC Strike

That gave me a whole weekend free from work; I convinced my boss it wasn’t worth it for her to pay for my cab downtown. Instead I spent that weekend getting my workspace organized at home. A few days after that, I paid my licensing fee, signed the contract, and officially took on the journey of becoming an Independent Travel Consultant.

[ Fri, May 2 ] – Georgia’s Birthday Dinner

Vanesa and I celebrated Georgia’s birthday with her at Moxies. It was a fabulous steak dinner for each of us. It was also that night that I realized I’ve begun to really value time spent with the girls. Georgia’s leaving for Spain in a short 3 months. Vanesa, she’s my bestest, and I don’t see her enough. There’s got to be a better way for me to organize my time.

[ Sun, May 4 ] BubbleTea with Ryan

The night before school began, Ryan and I went for bubbletea to mark the official end of our two week break from school. We tried the new Destiny’s in Richmond Hill and found it very similar to Go4Tea in decor. Bubbletea wise, they’re at par with their competitors. We also tried the fruit tea, which consisted of apple, orange, lemon, pineapple and papaya. Believe it or not, it was actually pretty good. Except we couldn’t quite figure out where the tea part came in. By the end of the night, we concluded that it was merely “fruit water” :P

[ Mon, May 5 ] Summer Semester Begins

I’m only taking two courses this semester; Cruise Line Industry and Workplace Computers in the Travel Industry. The cruise class is actually quite amusing with this girl in the class who’s a complete dumb blonde. During the first class, the teacher talked about cruise ships and how they typically have many decks. Blondie was completely shocked by that fact, and when she was told that ships typically carry 2000-4000 passengers, she responded with…“OMG, how does the ship float?!” I wanted to slap her :)

On a side note, I was extremely happy to find out I ended up with two A+ and an A for last semester. Yay!!

[ Tues, May 6 ] – Random Sushi Night

Georgia randomly called me up that day while I was at work. We arranged to meet up downtown, where she picked me up after her tutoring, to go for sushi. We were both starving by the time we got to Tako Sushi and proceeded to order way too much food (again!).

[ Thurs, May 8 – Sat, May 10 ] – TSN Training

The three days of training went very well. It was a lot of information dumped on me at once and was a bit overwhelming. But overall, I really enjoyed it. The other couple who was also training, Charlie & Kathryn, were SO nice. They were from Barrie and were very happy people. Charlie had a great sense of humor. I had lunch with the two of them on the last two days and they treated me on both. I’d love to meet up with them again.

After the three day training session, I came home with a box of materials. Then I spent an entire day off completing the e-training for RBC Insurance. I’ve completed that and have begun training on Cunard Academy (an online training course for the Cunard cruise line). Besides being very interested in doing this course because it’s Cunard, this training will be helpful for my school assignment as well. Right now I’ve done 12 lessons and have achieved a second level ranking. I’m two levels away from finishing and going on a free cruise!

[ Fri, May 9 ] – Eventful Friday

After training that day, I went to Chapters thinking I’d help get some work done before meeting up with Ryan for dinner. Surprisingly, I ran into two old faces…Omar and Jason!! :D Omar has returned from Ottawa for good and will be working here for a few years. As you can see, Jason’s all decked out in the army gear. Need I say more? I was so happy to see the both of them!! Later that evening, Ryan and I went for all-you-can-eat Jap at Aji Sai. We had the case of the runaway soup. I still haven’t figured out how and why the bowl of soup literally moved across the table on its own. Had Ryan not catch it in time, it would’ve fallen right off the table. haha

[ Mon, May 12 ] – Barenaked Ladies @ Chapters

It was an exciting day at Chapters Bayview. The Barenaked Ladies were in for a special event that night to promote their new kids book & cd. We all spent that day getting things ready. I was given the task of dressing up the tables in their green room (see above picture). They specially requested 12 towels (why, I don’t know) and organic foods. I also placed a table at the centre of the room with their books, cds, and a bunch of Sharpies for them to sign. I ended up missing class that night because of the Ladies. I guess it was worth it.

The Bizarre Woman

Yes, the story of the bizarre woman. I was working downtown when I encountered this customer. She told me she was looking for an outfit for her father and I assumed she was shopping for an early Father’s Day gift, so I helped her pick out a shirt, tie and pocket square. When she went on to compare prices between two outfits, I told her that the more expensive combination was nicer. It was then that she said in the most matter-of-fact tone of voice, “Oh, my father’s dead.” Whaa-aatt? That statement totally caught me off guard! I had never sold an outfit to anyone for a dead person!

Anyhow, I won’t get into the details of how I closed that sale. She eventually paid for the items and left. I told my boss about this incident later and we both thought it was bizarre. It wasn’t until just this weekend that I found out from my co-worker that this lady ended up bringing back her purchase (still in mint condition of course!). From talking to the woman, my boss found out that the woman’s father had been dead for several years. WHY she was a buying an outfit for her father is totally beyond me. And what she was going to do with the outfit…I don’t even want to know.

[ Fri, May 16 ] – Dinner with Georgia

Georgia and I met up for dinner on Friday night. We returned to Moxies to get our fix of the steak we’d been craving for since we had it last time. Dinner at Moxies is never complete without the White Chocolate Brownie. It’s probably 2nd to the best dessert on this planet. The 1st would undoubtedly be the Chocolate Lava Cake w/ Ice Cream on the QM2 ;)