let’s catch up a bit

For the most part, this week has been busy and exhausting. Wednesday and Thursday, in particular, were whirlwind days consisting of work, school, and doing assignments after that. I did squeeze in dinner with my co-workers Teresa, John and his fiancĂ©e on Wednesday before class. We’ve been craving steak for weeks, so it was nice to finally get our fix. It was good company too; they’re such a cute couple.

Fridays are usually when I have my days off, so it really wasn’t a long weekend for me. But considering I’ve been super busy two days prior to Friday, I decided to spend the day enjoying myself even though I should have been working on my assignment and studying. I went out for lunch with Georgia at Aji Sai for all-you-can-eat Japanese. I hadn’t seen her in a month so we had a lot of catching up to do. Look at her, sporting her tan from Cuba. I’m so jealous!

Over lunch, we spontaneously decided to go see a psychic for fun. Purely for entertainment on Good Friday, we drove down Yonge looking for a psychic. Of course when you look for them, they’re not there. We pulled over and started looking for someone who had the Yellow Pages. We eventually found ourselves at Extreme Fitness. Thinking we’d pop in to try our luck, we ended up meeting the most bizarre person that day. The guy who worked there asked us why we were looking for psychic and then proceeded to talk us out of finding one. He warned us about how seeing a psychic can be misleading, which I’ll admit I agree with him on that note. But the second he threw religion in there, Georgia and I both checked out of that convo.

Imagine this, we’re standing right in front of the counter at a gym. Around us are all very fit guys. Behind us is a tranquil waterfall. And in front of us, this dick’s telling us we found our way there because “God wanted him to speak to us”. How odd is this situation?!! Georgia and I happen to be non-religious. So we stood there (like idiots) listening to this guy tell us about how he could predict things and his story with his ex-girlfriend. I personally found it all to be quite entertaining, until he offered to give me his phone number and asked for mine. It could not have been a more bizarre day. We did end up finding the Yellow Pages elsewhere, though it proved to be uesless. And in case you ever need a psychic, it’s actually listed under ASTROLOGERS in the Yellow Pages ;)

So we ended up going for a long drive around the city looking for a damn psychic. From the west, we drove back to the east, and from the east we drove to the west. From Yorkdale area, we drove down Dufferin to Bloor, and then up Bathurst back onto the highway. Go figure, we didn’t spot a single psychic along the way, but we both enjoyed the drive all over town.

Georgia and I hung out at Timmies for a bit before Edison came to pick me up. It’d been a month since I last saw him too. We met up with the rest of the Poo Family at Saigon Star for dinner, only it was a bit of a surprise to see Jacky there. I had no idea he was back from Tokyo. Even though he only came back for a short vacation, it was nice to have the whole Poo Fam together again. There’s talk about the fam going to Tokyo at the end of June. If it all works out, that would be such a fun trip. We’ll see what happens.

There’s always a lot of laughing involved when hanging out with these guys. This time, it was over dessert. The dessert was so yummy that we wanted seconds, but we were all afraid to ask. So we sat there for some time discussing how we’d go about asking for seconds and assigned Dennis to do the talking. We called over the waiter and Dennis begins by telling the guy, “The dessert is REALLY good…” Just as he hesitated, the waiter goes “Oh really, I’ll get you more!” All six of us burst out laughing as the guy dashed off. We spent so much time sitting there planning this whole thing when it turned out to be so easy! That’s a lesson right there: sometimes, you just can’t think too much about doing something. Just do it!

That night, we ended up at Kev’s house. Since they played Poker in the afternoon, we thought to play Big2. To make the game more interesting, we decided to play kissy Big2. It was fun watching people lose, but when you yourself lose it ain’t so fun. Nonetheless, it was all for fun and laughs. And let’s just say, some of the guys now know why girls like it when guys are clean-shaven hahaha

I’ve written a lot tonight. Better get to bed. I’ve recently noticed that I now need at least 8 hours of sleep to function properly. Maybe because I’m still kind of coughing. *shrug* We’ll see how this week goes.

Good night!

crawling back from the grave

Firstly, (I meant to write this earlier) FRANCES GOT 99% ON HER MIDTERM!!!!! :D It’s the one I was overly stressed over. My teacher freaked me out when she handed the paper back to me. “Frances, you can do better next time.” I nearly died.

Anyway, I don’t recall the last time I was this sick. I know I’ve been sick very frequently over the past two months, but it has never been this bad. On Sunday morning, when I couldn’t get my body out of bed, I knew I lost the battle. I managed to drag myself to work on Monday, only to stay two hours before I had to surrender again. I spent the remainder of the day in bed, as well as the entire day on Tuesday. It wasn’t until late Wednesday afternoon that I had the energy to lift my head off the pillow.

In short, I didn’t go to work or my classes for the rest of the week. Most of my time was spent either in bed or watching a Chinese series. I’ve recovered quite a bit over the last day, at least I’m not sounding like a dog anymore haha Besides being sick, it was a really rough week. Things with the family aren’t going so well and a lot has been on my mind. I better not start with my ranting.

So I managed to finish one series called The Most Beautiful Seventh Day. It has a very beautiful storyline, but also a semi-sad ending. I enjoyed it though, and especially liked watching the little dog, Jack. He was the cutest little thing!! He knew how to turn off lights, tuck himself in under covers, play dead, among all his other skills. He’s such a sweetheart…I want a Jack too!! hehehe

Here are some video clips with Lil’ Jack in it…

(from 4:10 to about 4:30)

(from 7:21 to 8:29)

Hello, nice to meet you Jack! ;) (from 7:40 to 8:19)

Jack is so smart here! (from 0:01 to 1:40)