it’s been a while…

My midterm’s tomorrow night. I’ve been stressing for weeks because of it. I’m not even sure why it’s made me stress so much; I’d already started studying for it a month in advance. Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that I actually want to do well with this program. I don’t know. Hopefully everything will work out better once this is over.

I did my presentation for that class two weeks ago. It was a short 10-minute presentation on my favourite cruise line, Cunard. My greatest challenge with the presentation was trying to squeeze in everything I wanted to talk about and everything I needed to cover into 10 minutes, which was barely enough time. I had contacted Cunard to ask them about getting access to their image gallery and was lucky enough for them to grant me access, so I had hundreds of very nice pictures to choose from for my PowerPoint. Everyone in my class was quite impressed with the visuals. Overall, I was very happy with the presentation and thoroughly enjoyed working on it.

I worked downtown through the first four days of the Autoshow this year. Every time I passed through the MTCC on my way to Timothy’s for my tea, I’d think to myself…”Okay, this year I’m going to make it to the Autoshow”. And of course, once again, that didn’t happen. Maybe next year?

This past Saturday was dedicated to catching up with some friends. I got up at 7am that morning and by 9am, I was downtown. After meeting up with Vanesa, we went to Fran’s for breakfast. I absolutely love breakfast at Fran’s. My only complaint is that they have really big portions and if I want variety, I just end up with too much food. But besides that, I had a good time just hanging out with my bestest ;)

After breakfast, we went to Eaton Centre to do some browsing around before I had work at noon. As many already know, I have done very little shopping since coming back from vacation. I simply haven’t had much of a desire to shop. It’s probably the biggest change I’ve realized about myself. Vanesa and I looked through a couple stores and then decided to sit down. It was then that we ran into Kim!! It’d been over 2 years since I last saw her. I miss her dearly.

I met up with Edison, Dennis, Kevin, and Winnie after work for dinner at Magic Wok. It’s been half a year since I last saw Kev and Win; that was before they went to New York for their work term. Both of them will be moving to New York this summer as they are staying with Barclays and Morgan Stanley. I’m really happy for them, but I’ll miss them lots. I guess we’ll just have to make trips to NY to visit them. And if all works out, the Poo Family may end up going on a cruise later this year or next year. That should be fun!

After dinner, we went to Winnie’s house to play Mahjong. The last time I played MJ was in highschool. I still recall those days where we’d play MJ during lunch in the cafeteria. That was so long ago!! That was even before I started playing pool everyday hahaha Anyway, it took some time before I got the hang of playing again. Edison was the big winner in the end. When we finished playing at around 2:30am, we were all dead tired.

i need to write!!!!

First, let me rant. I desperately need to get back into writing. I’ve been feeling so disconnected with my senses since I stopped and I really think I need to get back into the habit of doing it. It’s like my place to pour out everything from the heart; it’s like talking to someone about all the things I wouldn’t talk to people about. Am I even making sense?

I’ve been fairly stressed for the pass few weeks. With a lot on the agenda and a lot on my mind, it’s made every day very difficult to get through. I feel very much like I’m on autopilot; I go through each day barely acknowledging anything I’ve done. It’s just so automatic for my body and mind to respond to what needs to be done and where I need to go, I barely need to think about doing it. Instead, it’s really made me think about the way my life is right now.

I mean, ultimately, I think I’m happy. But I also think that somewhere inside I’m not completely happy, and this is merely filling the void. It’s like there’s a part of me that’s missing. And now that I think about it, I think I know exactly what that is too. But there’s nothing I can do, so I’ll just continue to make the best of it.

Due to the snow storm, my class was cancelled and I was able to have CNY eve dinner with some relatives at my Uncles. It was nice seeing family and just enjoying time with them. We found my grandfather’s cheongsam, one that he had made some 50 years ago (he was a tailor). My grandmother had secretly kept it after he passed away, and no one knew about it until now. The craftsmanship was so meticulous, you’d expect to see something like that on an Italian suit. We dressed my cousin in it and laughed over how much he resembled a monk. That’s my cousin’s son, Vincent, in the front there. He is sooooo cute!!

I’ve been feeling a little sad lately with all the people leaving the city. Zahra’s moved to California. Omar’s moving to Ottawa (and then Calgary). Looking further into the year, Georgia’s moving to Spain (or France, whichever she decides), and Susie will be in Waterloo. With everyone being a distance away, I can’t help but feel a little bit sad.