quick update

I finally decided to take a bit of time out of my Saturday evening to do some updating. It’s been a pleasant week even with 6 consecutive work days. Maybe it was because I slept for a total of 76 hours. That’s quite a record for me, and my body probably appreciated getting sufficient time to rest.

Maintaining good health (mentally and physically) is one of my goals for this year. I only recently noticed I’ve lost a bit more body fat than I really should, especially in the wrong places. I think it started right before I went on vacation. With all the lifting and energy exerted at work over Xmas and the lack of proper meals during the busy season, I was probably working off more than I would’ve wanted to. So now I’m trying to gain back a bit of fat without being overly unhealthy. It’s actually more difficult than I thought.

I’m about two weeks into my classes and fortunately it seems like these three courses will be manageable this semester. My first class, Dimensions of the Tourism Industry, is quite interesting. As the name suggests, it’s an overview of the industry and I learn about things like why people travel, the types of documents involved, different kinds of traveling, and the huge effects of tourism on a country. For the major assignment, I’ll be doing a 10-minute presentation plus a written report on my topic of choice, and I’ve chosen to cover the Transatlantic Crossings of Cunard (the cruise line of QM2). I’m so excited about it!!

My other class is Ticketing & Reservations. I learn to use a reservations system called Sabre, which is mainly coding.  Think of it like DOS; all you have is a blue screen.  To sign in, you have to use the code SI*xxxx.  To search for the the airport code of Toronto, you have to type in W/-APTORONTO.  You get the rough idea.

I also have one online class: Travel Geography I.  This one should be painless and fun.  The first two lessons focus on the geography of the earth and how time is calculated.  After that, we’ll turn focus onto studying North America, South America, and the Caribbean.  The major assignment for this course consists of a written report on a destination of our choice.  I picked St. Lucia because I thought it’d be easier to write about a place I’ve actually visited.  I’m also really excited about this project.

This is probably the first time I’ve ever said I’m excited about doing assignments. haha  Overall, I’m enjoying all my classes and finding it more & more interesting to learn about the travel industry.

Goodbye, 2007!

It’s been tradition for me to look back on each year as I welcome the new one. 2007, in particular, has been one heck of a year for me.

2007 – A Year in Photographs

At the beginning of 2007, I made three resolutions: 1) work less, 2) graduate from my program, and 3) spend more time with those whom I didn’t get a chance to catch up with in ‘06. And though I never really made a conscious effort to achieve it, it just…sort of…happened.

This past year turned out to be all about completing the unfinished:

+ completing school

It took a lot of self motivation, commitment, and hard work to actually finish the program, especially when it was one that I wasn’t very passionate about. Even though it turns out to be a career I probably won’t end up pursuing, it does feel good to know that I’ve at least accomplished something.

+ completing love

After nearly 6 years, I finally came to the conclusion that there are some things in life you just have to learn to let go of. I know I’ve loved, I’ve lost, and now it’s done. No matter what the outcome is or was, I consider that part of my life completed.

+ completing a dream vacation

Like I’ve mentioned before, I had always dreamed of going on a cruise. When it finally happened this year, it really was a life-changing experience. I realized that not all dreams are miracles waiting to happen. Some dreams are within reach, and all you need to do is just reach for them.

And now I can officially say…Welcome, 2008!