it just hasn’t been a very good week

After work last Friday, I went out for dinner with Edison and Jacky to celebrate Eddy’s birthday. I’m highly recommending Wild Wing to everyone. Their wings are to die for. We had their Wild Fries with Bacon Cheese & Gravy, as well as their Hang’em High wings (Honey Garlic & Gar Par), Peppercorn Ranch wings, and Thai wings. It was all sooooooooooo good!

Saturday, my parents and I drove to Cobourg to visit my aunt. It was a quiet, rainy day spent out of town. We just watched a lot of home videos of my cousin’s baby daughter, Rylee. She’s so cute! :) Then later in the evening, we all went out for dinner at their local Chinese buffet. The owner was really nice; she moved here from Newfoundland. It was nice being away from the big city and just losing myself among very simple people.

I worked on Sunday and, as always, I went to Eaton Centre to do some shopping after work. While browsing the cosmetic counters at The Bay, I was approached by a person whom I ended up having a very long and interesting conversation with. He was from the cK cosmetic counter and I later found out he was the regional director or something like that. Anyway, his short lesson on concealer turned into an hour and a half long conversation about film production. It all started after I told him I also used Sony Vegas for video editing (very very few people use SV). I learned a lot from the guy and he shared a lot of insights and tips from his experiences, both regarding make-up and film production. It was just very nice talking to him. By the time I left, it was almost 6:15pm and the store had already closed. And although it was so completely random, he inspired me in many ways and I learned a lot.

Monday was a horrible day. For the first time ever, I broke down after a remark from a nasty customer. She really was a b!tch. But mainly, I think I just really needed to let out my emotions. Things are just kind of tangled inside my heart and I’ve been totally putting it off.

Work at Chapters the last couple days have been exhausting. We’re getting so much stock in that I ended up offering to work today (on my day off) just to get stuff out. I have major lower back pains from moving all the boxes. From Wednesday onward, I’m working everyday until next Wednesday. I have next Thursday off before working through until Sunday. It’s not the way I wanted it to be; I was really hoping to relax the week before my trip, but it’s not looking like that’s going to happen.

13 days until my vacation!! :)

thanksgiving long weekend

My long weekend turned out to be pretty awesome.  At first, I was afraid of being bored out of my mind since I had Saturday and Monday off.  With my mom being away on a trip to Chicago and my only plan was to work on Sunday, I thought it was going to be a pretty sad long weekend.

When Saturday came about, Vanesa and I spontaneously decided we were going to make a trip to SquareOne.  The last time we were there was probably 2-3 years ago when we had one of those spontaneous moments.  I just splurged on lingerie, and that was about all the shopping we did.  But before we left, we made sure to grab our favourite treat for the bus ride home….ICE CREAM!!!  :D

I worked my usual Sunday shift downtown and it was completely dead at the hotel.  After work, I went out for “Thanksgiving dinner” with my dad.  I took him out for pho and he enjoyed it.  lol  When I got home and called Vanesa, we spontaneously decided to go clubbing.  The party was happening at Lot332 that night.  Vanesa came over to get ready and within an hour, Tommy came to pick us up.

We had a really good time dancing the night away.  Tommy’s choice of the Pineapple Malibu for us was delicious!  We eventually joined up with Adrienne when she got there with her friends.  I was SO happy to see that girl, even though she was busy with the rather ugly random guy who plastered himself to her. hahaha  That was just hilarious!  And just for the record, any guy who attempts to get behind me at the club is just asking to see the most bitchy and snobby side of Fran.  I don’t want to find some random guy grindin’ me in the middle of the dance floor, nor am I particularly interested in hooking up with some stranger at the clubs.  I guess it’s just different when you get older; you lose that thrill of doing what you’re not supposed to but can get away with.  I’ll admit I felt a little bad for that poor guy, but that’s what happens when all I want is to have a good time dancing with my buddies.

So I also found Edison and Dennis with their friends, ran into Danny and his crew, and saw Raymond for the first time in like 3 years.  I also ran into a few guys I haven’t seen in a while.  That night was perfect for catching up with everyone. I had a good time!  It was fun!

Despite sleeping at 4:30a that morning, I ended up waking up pretty early at 9:30a on MondayVanesa and I made a trip to Eaton Centre for some shopping.  We didn’t end up buying anything, but it was great just hanging out anyhow.  And of course, we induldged ourselves with more ice cream before leaving.  :)

another week’s gone by

The days seem to be going by rather quickly.  I almost have trouble catching up to it.  I’ve been pretty lucky to have 3 days off both this week and last week, so I took advantage of the time to relax.  Vanesa came over last Tuesday.  We ordered pizza & wings and enjoyed it while we watched My Big Fat Greek Wedding (yes, it was my first time seeing the movie).  It was a fun, girly day spent with my bestest.

My internet went down last Friday and the technician didn’t come to fix it until Tuesday this week, so I used that time to catch up on some much needed sleep.  I’ve been sleeping about 7-9 hours every night since then.  It feels amazing to get sufficient sleep.  I’m really hoping to keep this up.

Dad came home on Tuesday night.  I’m really glad that he’s back; I didn’t realize how much I’ve missed him in these two and a half months.  Oh oh oh!!!  And guess what, the cruise is just twenty-some-odd days away!  I’m very very excited!  After reviewing some of my notes, I wanted to tweak our plans a little.  I ended up changing some of the shore excursions to ones that would better enrich our experience on each of the islands; sunbathing at the beaches in Tortola and St. Kitts, off-roading in a 4×4 in Barbados, an 8-hour long tour of St. Lucia which includes cruising in a catamaran and visiting a drive-in volcano, and a submarine expedition in St. Thomas.  Fun, fun, fun!!!

I am also very very excited about seeing my first Broadway musicalWicked is going to be…well, WICKED!  I can’t wait to see it!  It’s too bad we won’t be spending much time in New York during this trip.  Shopping would’ve been great.  But considering how much money we’re spending on this cruise, it’s probably better to save the NY shopping trip for next time anyway.

So it’s going to be a quiet Thanksgiving this year.  My mom is going to be away from Saturday through Monday on a trip to Chicago; I managed to convince her to go with my aunt and uncle.  I think she’ll enjoy it.