the week before my getaway

I thought I’d better update before leaving for Deerhurst this weekend.  The past 6 days have been extremely busy.  From having to replace my overheating hard drive, to taking my dad to the airport at 4:30am Sunday morning, I’ve been completely overwhelmed by all my errands.  Let me back track a little here…


After working at Chapters from 9am to 5:30pm, I rushed home to finish and submit my essay.  Then I went back to Chapters for the “Event of the Decade” (in other words, the midnight launch of the last Harry Potter book).  I’ve never read or watched anything Harry Potter.  Besides doing the store decorations for past Harry Potter events, I know nothing about HP and don’t care very much for it.  But that night, I had a huge urge to be there.  Maybe because I missed the last launch 2 years ago, and this time it’s the last book.  Having worked at a bookstore for so long, I sort of wanted to be part of it all.  So I went, roamed around, had popcorn, asked the perverted looking clown to make me a balloon bunny, made slime, and then waited for Vanesa and Tim to show up.  It was bizarre witnessing all the excitement of the HP fans.  I had a good time though, mainly from watching all my co-workers work while I just hung around.


With barely two hours of sleep, I woke up at 4am to take my dad to the airport; he had a 7am flight.  I love the feeling of being at the airport, but at 4:30a?  Not so much.  The only good thing about it was being able to watch the sunrise.


My boss(s) at Halpern were in New York on a buying trip, so I had to work downtown on Monday.  After getting off work in the afternoon, I met up with Vanesa and Tim at Eaton Centre to go bikini shopping.  How I absolutely hate bikini shopping.  It was near impossible to find a nice set in my size; they seem to have infinite choices for M, L, XL.  It’s aggravating.  We walked the mall, checked out Boathouse, and even walked to Queen Street.  Well, we mainly went there for the Oakley store.  Did I mention that Tim has successfully converted me into an Oakley fan?  Besides shopping for a bikini, the next hardest thing for me to shop for is sunglasses.  They’re always too big for my face.  So when I tried on these Oakley sunglasses and they fit perfectly, I knew I was in love.  I’ll have to go back for them.


I worked downtown again on Tuesday.  After work, I went to Eaton Centre to pick up my bikini.  Go figure, I ended up getting this one from Oakley (in black, of course).  I rushed back uptown, came home, changed, and then met up with the pair for Mongolian Hot Pot.  We almost died laughing when Tim dropped his $20 bill into the pot.  The expressions on our three faces had to be classic.  And of course, the night couldn’t end without Starbucks.  So we hung around for a bit chatting there with our teas before calling it a night.

It’s been great being able to spend time with my bestest and her awesome boyfriend this week.  I don’t know what I’d do without the two of them.  Thanks for keeping me sane, driving around to hunt down my bikini, never letting me go home alone at night, and being here for me when I needed it most.  I appreciate it  :)