an escape from the city and back

Judging by the staleness of my blog, I’m sure you can all presume that I’ve been very busy. In a blink of an eye, these three weeks have flown by. It barely feels like it’s been that long; I’m looking at the calendar and we’re clearly half way into the month. You know what they say, time flies when you’re having fun.

There hasn’t been much going on in the wonderful world of Frances. Work and school has been ruling my life (as always) and it feels like forever since I last hung out with some friends. I’m excited for this Saturday’s dinner with the crew in celebration of Susie’s return from Europe. Woohoo!

So as the title suggests, I managed to fit in some time for a mini escape from the city last Thursday. I cannot tell you what a great day it was. Johnny and I took a one day trip to Niagara Falls and enjoyed our time there by doing absolutely nothing. Zip. We got there early for breakfast at Denny’s and then proceeded to bathe ourselves in the warmth of the sun. I couldn’t have asked for more beautiful weather. Most of the day was spent just relaxing in the sun or under the trees in the park. Sure enough, I got my first sun burn of the year. I found it interesting that the little animals there were all very people-friendly. We spent two hours just sitting on a bench taking pictures of the squirrels and birds that wandered around our bench. Here in the city, you rarely ever see a squirrel at your feet. A change is nice sometimes.