things are a bit rocky

I must be sick. Since waking up at 6am this morning, I’ve been feeling cold. It’s the kind of cold that originates from inside the body, so it doesn’t matter how many layers I have on. My emotions are somewhat tangled too. One moment I’m laughing, the next I’m about to breakdown. Maybe I’m just very very tired.

Yesterday, on the other hand, was awesome even though I had a fairly busy day at work (I knew I was going to get bombarded by customers right before I closed). Adrienne and I had made plans to hang out and to go for dinner. I was excited all weekend because of it; been months since I last saw that girl. We met up at Eaton Centre, hung around for a bit, and then hopped over to Fran’s Restaurant for dinner.

Besides catching up on all the gossip, we were very well entertained at Fran’s. Here’s the story. So we were seated at a table across from the doors that led to the restrooms. The restrooms are actually in the hotel right next to the restaurant. To get there, you must go through a locked door (see picture below), and there is a system where you must swipe a card to unlock the door. More importantly, you must bring the card with you because in order to come back in, you would need to swipe the card.

Now, even with the instruction sign on the door, many customers still had no idea how to access it. No word of a lie, in the 3 hours we sat there, at least 20 people had trouble getting to the washrooms. People either couldn’t figure out how to swipe the card or they kept pushing on the wrong door. Some of them would open the door but leave the card behind. This one girl had to walk all the way around the outside of the restaurant to come back in. Adrienne and I laughed so hard at that. We had a very fun waiter who joined us in stopping to watch whenever someone made their way over to the door. We got the people sitting next to us laughing too. And when they left, the ladies who sat one table over joined us in the entertainment. Needless to say, I had a very good time.

That was our yummy meal. We were troopers to finish all of it, and when I asked to order dessert, our waiter’s response was…”You did not just…!” hahaha The apple pie was good too. So I had good food, good service, a good time, spent with a good friend. It couldn’t have been better :)

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