i’ve regained my sanity

Everything is beginning to fall back into place. I almost broke down last weekend. All the plans and work to be done was getting to be a bit overwhelming. By Sunday, I was utterly tired and stressed. I seriously thought I was going insane. Luckily, I had enough sanity left to re-focus myself and squeeze in some time to relax.

So to re-cap, last Friday was Andrea’s Farewell / Georgia’s Bday Bash at the Goose & Firkin. I was sick that morning and was afraid I wouldn’t make it to the party that night. I toughed it out knowing Georgia would totally kill me if I didn’t show up. I ended up having a great time, despite falling ill again afterward. I knew I shouldn’t have had those nachos! :P Between Friday night and Saturday night, I was invited to 4 different birthday parties. I only made it to Georgia’s and had to pass on Danny’s, Derek’s, and Florence’s. (Sorry, guys!)

I was very excited to find out I got an A+ as my final mark for Nutrition. Although Omar has always been confident that I was going to get an A+, I was more set on getting an A- or even B. Honestly, I didn’t do my best on the final exam, and so I had my doubts. But I guess I did the right thing by not over-stressing it this time.

Yesterday was quite a relaxing day spent at home. I cleaned off my desk in the morning, did some vacuuming in the afternoon, and then made dinner for my family. The pasta salad seemed to be everybody’s favourite. My dad made an interesting comment; he said yesterday was the first time he saw me as a woman. At first I was a bit offended by that remark, but I later realized he meant that this was the first time he saw the housewife in me because it was the first time he witnessed me clean and cook in the same day. Anyhow, I thought my dad was being funny. My parents thought I should do that more often, and I’m thinking maybe I will. Once a week perhaps. That’s about all the spare time I have.

It seems like my introvert side is kicking in again. I feel like spending a day on my own, coffee shop hopping with a pen and some paper to do my writing. I wouldn’t mind going down to Queens Quay Terminal or going for a quiet walk along the lake. Been meaning to do that for a long time. Hopefully, I’ll get around to that before the end of the summer :P

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