an extended long weekend

I must thank Mel for taking my Friday shift. Because of her, I was able to have both Thursday and Friday off. Having those two days off made for a long weekend that felt extra long. Although I had to work both Saturday and Sunday, it was still quite relaxing. No one was at the hotel and nobody called in to place orders. As boring as it was to babysit the store, I appreciated the quietness because I knew that won’t be happening again for a very long time.

Friday was my mom’s birthday and as I had planned, I cooked breakfast and dinner for the family. At a beginner’s culinary skill level, it seemed like I spent forever in the kitchen that day; it took me just over 5 hours to prepare dinner. My parents enjoyed it very much and particularly like my crispy baked chicken, but I don’t think I’ll be spending any more time in the kitchen until Father’s Day. :P

Saturday, I met up with Johnny after work for dinner at Hosu Bistro and then went to see Shrek The Third. It had some funny parts to it, but I don’t think it’s comparable to the first movie. I’m not sure which I like more, the baby ogres or the baby donkeys.

After the movie, I had an urge to go for a walk down to Harbourfront. I’ve been wanting to do that for a very long time. The last time I was there was after drinks at Panorama two summers ago with Edison, Kevin, Winnie, and Charmaine. That was the night we met Charmaine! :)

On this particular night, though, I was disappointed at first because it was drizzling a bit. But after a while it actually felt refreshing. It was also a bit chilly as we got closer to the lake. And as if everything just fell into place, the night was imperfectly perfect.

Sunday night, Georgia picked me up at 9pm and we met up with Vanesa and Tim at Cafe Mirage for the start of our summer coffee dates (except we all had tea instead of coffee). I had this huge chocolate sundae that was rather satisfying. Since it was pretty loud there and Georgia couldn’t be the centre of attention, we decided to hop over to Timmies. After having briefly stopped at two Timmies that were fully packed with people, we decided to go to Tim’s house to watch Pink Panther (2006). The movie was hilariously funny. “What’s hard?” LOL

I spent my entire afternoon studying on Monday. It was hard concentrating with my next door neighbours being a ruckus, so I was fairly excited to be out to see the fireworks later that night. It’d been almost 3 years since I last went down to Ashbridges Bay. I almost forgot how much I enjoy being there. The fireworks were mesmerizing and I had a good time. It had to be the perfect conclusion to my eventful long weekend.

it’s been a rough two week

I’ve been trying to update for days, but somehow my thoughts have been very stray. As if my thoughts were scattered in my head, it’s been difficult trying to express them in an orderly fashion.

After staying in bed all of last Tuesday and Wednesday with a fever, I was back on my feet on Thursday. I spent that morning cleaning and vacuuming my room. Then in the afternoon, I took advantage of the warm weather and spent a good 2 hours outside. I walked to my elementary school and sat on the bench at the playground. I needed some time alone to recollect my thoughts and to think over some issues. There were a few kids playing on the swings and a few running in the field. It felt nice just sitting there looking up at the clouds in the sky. Oh, how I wish I was a kid again.

In the midst of my thoughts, I got a call. It was Georgia and Omar, and they were heading up to Pacific Mall. Since they were already on their way to pick me up, I ran home and changed. It was a nice surprise to see the two of them that day.

Saturday night, I met up with Kevin, Winnie, Edison and Jacky for dinner up in Richmond Hill. It was great catching up with them since we haven’t seen each other in four months. After dinner, we went over to Jacky’s to play the Wii. Baseball was fun; Winnie and her home run, me and my killer pitches. Boxing was fun too, but it left my arms hurting after. Go figure, all 5 of us are in school this summer. I’m guessing it’s going to be a while before we all see each other again.

Sunday was Mother’s Day and I had to work until 4pm. I had intended on making my mom a fabulous dinner, but she was very understanding and insisted that I hold off on it. I ended up making her favourite pasta salad anyway, and since her birthday is this Friday, I’ll be cooking breakfast and dinner for her again.

Monday night, I met up with Georgia, Omar, Ron, Nicole and Andrew to execute our long awaited all-you-can-eat sushi dinner plan. We met up at Chapters just as Heather (CEO of Indigo/Chapters) was paying a surprise visit to our store. Omar laughed at me when he found me randomly re-doing an entire wall display that my manager left me alone with (even though I wasn’t even clocked in). Georgia, on the other hand, wasn’t very pleased about that. haha

We went to Aji Sai up in Thornhill. The food was good, but the service was pretty crappy. Their cheese wantons were really really good. Don’t ever try their fried banana dessert though. It’s not nearly as good as the ones you get at Yang’s on Hwy 7. We talked about our plans for the future and shared our thoughts on what we consider an ideal lifestyle and family. I think it’ll be really interesting to see how everything turns out for each of us. I’m sure it’s going to be nothing like what we expect. We had such a good time laughing over everything, including my squirting crab cakes. Or were they more like farting crab cakes?

I guess I’ve been quite overwhelmed since seeing the workload for my two courses, and I know that if I want to pass them both, I can’t allow myself to have an emotional burden. For the last four months, I’ve been speaking of the hollow feeling inside of me. I always knew it existed, but I never investigated what caused it and why it’s there. It’s time I have it figured out.

I’ve been talking things out with everyone, trying to resolve what I can. I don’t want to jump into any conclusions and I don’t want to alter anything. But for years I’ve neglected to seek closure in issues pending. Perhaps now is the time to finally close this chapter in my life so I can start with the next.

I’m excited for the future.

things are a bit rocky

I must be sick. Since waking up at 6am this morning, I’ve been feeling cold. It’s the kind of cold that originates from inside the body, so it doesn’t matter how many layers I have on. My emotions are somewhat tangled too. One moment I’m laughing, the next I’m about to breakdown. Maybe I’m just very very tired.

Yesterday, on the other hand, was awesome even though I had a fairly busy day at work (I knew I was going to get bombarded by customers right before I closed). Adrienne and I had made plans to hang out and to go for dinner. I was excited all weekend because of it; been months since I last saw that girl. We met up at Eaton Centre, hung around for a bit, and then hopped over to Fran’s Restaurant for dinner.

Besides catching up on all the gossip, we were very well entertained at Fran’s. Here’s the story. So we were seated at a table across from the doors that led to the restrooms. The restrooms are actually in the hotel right next to the restaurant. To get there, you must go through a locked door (see picture below), and there is a system where you must swipe a card to unlock the door. More importantly, you must bring the card with you because in order to come back in, you would need to swipe the card.

Now, even with the instruction sign on the door, many customers still had no idea how to access it. No word of a lie, in the 3 hours we sat there, at least 20 people had trouble getting to the washrooms. People either couldn’t figure out how to swipe the card or they kept pushing on the wrong door. Some of them would open the door but leave the card behind. This one girl had to walk all the way around the outside of the restaurant to come back in. Adrienne and I laughed so hard at that. We had a very fun waiter who joined us in stopping to watch whenever someone made their way over to the door. We got the people sitting next to us laughing too. And when they left, the ladies who sat one table over joined us in the entertainment. Needless to say, I had a very good time.

That was our yummy meal. We were troopers to finish all of it, and when I asked to order dessert, our waiter’s response was…”You did not just…!” hahaha The apple pie was good too. So I had good food, good service, a good time, spent with a good friend. It couldn’t have been better :)

i’ve regained my sanity

Everything is beginning to fall back into place. I almost broke down last weekend. All the plans and work to be done was getting to be a bit overwhelming. By Sunday, I was utterly tired and stressed. I seriously thought I was going insane. Luckily, I had enough sanity left to re-focus myself and squeeze in some time to relax.

So to re-cap, last Friday was Andrea’s Farewell / Georgia’s Bday Bash at the Goose & Firkin. I was sick that morning and was afraid I wouldn’t make it to the party that night. I toughed it out knowing Georgia would totally kill me if I didn’t show up. I ended up having a great time, despite falling ill again afterward. I knew I shouldn’t have had those nachos! :P Between Friday night and Saturday night, I was invited to 4 different birthday parties. I only made it to Georgia’s and had to pass on Danny’s, Derek’s, and Florence’s. (Sorry, guys!)

I was very excited to find out I got an A+ as my final mark for Nutrition. Although Omar has always been confident that I was going to get an A+, I was more set on getting an A- or even B. Honestly, I didn’t do my best on the final exam, and so I had my doubts. But I guess I did the right thing by not over-stressing it this time.

Yesterday was quite a relaxing day spent at home. I cleaned off my desk in the morning, did some vacuuming in the afternoon, and then made dinner for my family. The pasta salad seemed to be everybody’s favourite. My dad made an interesting comment; he said yesterday was the first time he saw me as a woman. At first I was a bit offended by that remark, but I later realized he meant that this was the first time he saw the housewife in me because it was the first time he witnessed me clean and cook in the same day. Anyhow, I thought my dad was being funny. My parents thought I should do that more often, and I’m thinking maybe I will. Once a week perhaps. That’s about all the spare time I have.

It seems like my introvert side is kicking in again. I feel like spending a day on my own, coffee shop hopping with a pen and some paper to do my writing. I wouldn’t mind going down to Queens Quay Terminal or going for a quiet walk along the lake. Been meaning to do that for a long time. Hopefully, I’ll get around to that before the end of the summer :P