X-quisite Productions came together in July 2004, under the influence of Wong Fu Productions, when Kenny was persuaded by a member of Wong Fu to compete in a U.S. contest for the compilation of music videos.  X-quisite was asked to re-produce their own version of Harlem Yu's "Qing Fei De Yi".  Together, Kenny, Frances, and Tommy produced their first ever MV.

The group was drawn together by the interest and curiosity that they had towards film making.  Through creating music videos, Kenny, Frances, and Tommy found that they were able to express their creativity and, most importantly, gain knowledge in an activity they were not very experienced in.

Kenny has had a bit of filming experience with projects in high school and in the early years of University.  Thus, X-quisite became a means for him to further enhance his knowledge in film production. 

Having grown up as a dancer with a deep interest in music, Frances found that she was able to apply the skills she had acquired through dancing into the production of music videos.  And with her artistic eye, she challenged herself in learning the technical side of film production.

Tommy has always had an interest in video editing and has worked on solo projects.  Although he has never taken it seriously, his skills and creativity has been valuable to the X-quisite team.

X-quisite also welcomes Terence Lau to the team, as he has been great assistance with the filming of the videos.

As a non-profit group, their mission is to bring smiles to the faces of their audience. In the upcoming years, they hope to create videos of different genres to accommodate different preferences.

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