Harlem Yu - Qing Fei De Yi

Release Date
: October 1, 2004

The story begins with Kenny daydreaming about his encounter with the girl of his dreams. He first notices her (Frances) at the subway station. He notices her again while they walk by each other on campus. They run into each other at the staircase where they start to chat. Realizing that this is the girl of his dreams, Kenny sends Frances an email asking her to meet him at the pond. The next day, Frances arrives at the pond and waits for Kenny. The time goes by and there is still no sign of Kenny. Thinking that he stood her up, Frances angrily stomps off. Kenny, having missed his bus, later arrives at the pond to find that Frances is no longer there. Kenny attempts to send an apologetic email to Frances, but Frances responds by ignoring him and deleting his email. Not given a chance to explain himself, Kenny loses contact with Frances. Until one day, Kenny notices Frances walking by in a hallway, where he eagerly chases after her. With fate playing it's game on Kenny, he is unsuccessful in reaching her. As he is sitting outside studying, he notices her again. Rushing to pack up all his belongings to approach Frances, Kenny watches as Frances' boyfriend comes along and the two happily walk away together.

Will Kenny become heartbroken at the sight? What will happen? Just watch the video, and add a bit of your imagination... ;)



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