Hoobastank - The Reason

Q. Why did Kenny decide to make this video with his non-X-quisite friends?
A. The next X-quisite video is at the works right now so in the meantime Kenny decided to working on something small and quick with his buddies.

Q. Why was the video "crappy"?
A. Well the whole time we filmed we didn't realize that there was a mark on the lens which was causing a smudge on ALL the shots, which happen to be the shots that didn't seem to have me singing in them. The ones that I looked more active in were the really blurry and smudged shots.

Q. Did you guys really film in a cemetery?
A. No, we didn't film IN a cemetery. It would be very morbid to walk into a cemetery and film other people's tombs. We just walked in the gates of York Cemetery and filmed within the long drive way. The place where the flowers were dropped off was actually the gate.

Q. How long did it take to film this in total?
A. The whole project took 2 weeks to do. Within the two weeks, we only took 2 days to film and a couple hours each day. Now you know why it was a bad video. Rushing never gets you anywhere.

Q. Who's house was this video filmed at?
A. Terence Lau's. The room where Steph died was his sister Jamie's room. Oh and by the way, thanks for letting us use your room while you were away in Waterloo. It was only Steph who died. No worries. =)



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